Comments by ArcLordOne

Pluto's Party

A charming cartoon. Not a masterpiece, but all Mickeys have some form of pleasantness.

Buckaroo Bugs

Oh, was this a Bugs Bunny cartoon? It had some rabbit being a jerk in it. I didn't know it was him. Psssh.

Reason and Emotion

Not the funniest cartoon ever, but a fine piece of WWII history.

Woodland Café

My favorite Disney short. I love it every time i watch it. Brilliant.

Wild Wife

Wait, this is a cartoon?! More like "drawn live-action".

The Honey-Mousers

A poor tribute to the TV series, which is hilarious by-itself but bad cartoon material.

Alice's Wonderland

The cartoon is subpar for Walt. I know that Winkler accepted it out of desperation (she was losing the Fleischers and Sullivan at the same time). The highlight is the live-action of Walt, Iwerks, harman, and Ising. Knowing all their futures makes it funnier!

Robin Hood

My favorite film of the Reitherman Era. Ooh-da-lolly!

The Aristocats

A personal favorite of mine; a superior remake of The Lady and the Tramp.

When the Cat's Away

Note Stalling voicing parrot.