Comments by ToonStar95

My Artistical Temperature

Boy, THAT'S a good moral: "Sculpture is the one true art!"

Problem Pappy

I am oddly amused by the the fact Pappy tried to straight-up murder his own son in this. Am I a bad person?

Deputy Droopy

One of my favorite Droopy cartoons. I just love the methods the outlaws use to run outside and make noises and not wake up the sheriff. I also like how Ed Benedict's stylized designs show up before he established the Hanna-Barbera style after MGM. Overall, this is just hilarious.

Tiger Trouble

This is one of my favorite classic Disney shorts. I praise it not only for its humor, but also the animation that makes it work, especially the climactic chase sequence that contains shades of Avery.

When the Cat's Away

Upon rewatching, I noticed that there is no underscore like Disney's first two synchronized cartoons. Music is only heard when it's being played, though some sound effects are "performed" by a violin. Overall, even for a plotless musical like this, the pacing is pretty dull.

The Barnyard Concert

An enjoyable short, with funny sight gags and a lively, hilarious score. This, along with "Fiddling Around", looks like it was a bridge between the simpler 1929 efforts and the early-1930s growth, and it shows off the differing styles of Disney's artists from the immediate post-Iwerks period. What I find odd is that there is Clarabelle Cow and a more cow-like cow on the farm.

Alice's Egg Plant

Watching this cartoon, it seems eerily predictive of the Disney studio's own 1941 strike, which Walt would end up blaming on Communists.

Tomorrow We Diet

This is my favorite of Goofy's "everyman" shorts. I can relate to his compulsive desire to eat, and the satire of the situation is hilarious. And I can't stop laughing at those voices going "EAT".

Mad as a Mars Hare

I think this is one of Chuck Jones' weakest cartoons, as well as Bugs Bunny's. The animation isn't interesting, many of the jokes fall flat, and there's WAY too much dialogue (and this is from a guy who said he was against "illustrated radio"). Overall, a very boring and lackluster cartoon.

Birds Anonymous

I really like the scene where Sylvester, after cuffing himself to the radiator, begins to relapse and almost gives into his temptation to eat Tweety ("I think you're... DELICIOUS!"). The timing, posing and expressions, aided by the music and Blanc's vocals, really create a performance that is at once both terrifying and hilarious.

Ren Seeks Help

Especially knowing what we know now, this tale of the twisted life of Ren really says a lot about the workings and outlook of his creator.

Claws in the Lease

I saw this once on a plane, and I have to say it's not a good one. The plot and animation are weak, Sylvester is more of a punching bag than usual, and I just couldn't stand the lady's ear-splitting rendition of "Home on the Range".

Ain't We Got Fun

Forgive me for saying so, bit I think this is one of Avery's dullest. When I saw this, I believed this to be a Freleng outing.

House Painters

This short was hilarious, especially the scenes with Goofy's mural, the greaser house, and by far some of the most off-the-wall expressions I've ever seen on Mickey!


I really want to like this. The animation is great, the music is superb and the settings are very atmospheric. But I just don't find it as "warm" or "fun" as other Disney features like Snow White, Pinocchio or Peter Pan. Sure, there are heartwarming and funny moments in it, but I think Cinderella tries too hard at trying to up the grandeur, suspense and pathos in comparison to Disney's earlier efforts. It's fine for what it is and what it has, but it's not one I'd want to watch again and again.


Who else watched this in school and can't recite the Preamble without singing it?

Swing Wedding

I think this is better than its predecessor, The Old Mill Pond. The animation's more expressive, the timing's crisper, the caricatures are clearer, and it's just plain funnier, especially the "hot" climax (That syringe gag, man!).


I blame this episode for my mottephobia!

High Steaks

This is, without a doubt, one of the worst Tom & Jerry cartoons EVER. I mean is this funny to show a kids; a fat sadist gleefully torturing a cat by burning him on the grill? I don't even think it's okay for adults! Stay the heck away from this one!

Wedding Bells

I was watching this short expecting some kind of problem or twist, like Krazy running late, or a villain barging in on the wedding. But no. No dilemmas, no villains. The whole thing is just two cats getting married with a jazzy score and run-of-the-mill gags.

All You Need is Lube

The title of this cartoon gives me so many weird thoughts.