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I Wanna Play House

NOTE: Bereniece Hansell (little bear voices), very first use of the trademarks of WB circles and written That's all folks (sic) ending. Ring color blue (the color being a particular obsession with a lot of us lool).Also Color Type Technicolor, in fact, the very first 3-color WB cartoon at a time when Walt Disney had been just a few years before, contractually dominated the contract with them.

The Three Bears

Yeah, Tibby you're right, and the studio's LATER vanity-project-named Terry Bears wasn't that much better. Happy dubious anniversary [blah] to this short[blah].

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

SYNOPSIS: Mary Francis Crosby dreams her way into the Goldilocks (herself) and the three Bears (Bing, Kathryn and son Nathan and I'll leave you guess who was who!) who when get entangled with a golf playing BFF of Pa's, a irritable wildcat named Bob (Winchell), a deer (Avery Schreiber) and others. Who will win in this first ever prime time and television special presentation from DePatie-Freleng? Some fun songs by the Sherman Bros.

Funny is Funny

Two funny dogs argue over what humor type's better: Slapstick or verbal. The Ed Graham studio did the wholly left-out Post cereal-based "Linus the Lion Hearted"(1964-69, CBS/ABC) starring Sheldon Leoanrd as the laidback, reliable king of the beasts, Carl Reiner as grouchy Sacha Grouse, Dinny Kangaroo, Croc Crocodile, and silly Billy Bird, and Ed Graham himself as Mockingbird, with Gerry Matthews as Sugar Bear, Ruth Buzzi as Granny, Bob McFadden as Lovable Truly the postman, Mervyn the nasty magician, Rory Raccoon, Benji the stuttering wolf, and others, Jack Narz and also Louie Nye as postman trying to catch lovbable's dogs, Ed Graham So-Hi the storytelling Chinese boy and Jesse White as Claudius the Crow. Graham also produced and directed (as credited) Walter Brennan's tale of "Shooting of Dan McGrew", based on that famous Robert W.Servive poem.This and "Funny is Funny" got Universal Tech.IB print releases in 1965-66.

Get Rich Quick Porky

Porky and Gabby are getting a deal in oil that you can squeeze from the ground! Trouble is, the salesman's a typicall shady weasel (as "Honest John", a name used for Disney's "Pinnochio" fox). (Earle Hodgins as guest star). A memorable subpot: dog hunts gopher, dog wants bone, after oil-gushing happy ending the pig and gopher split the oil contract!! (Clampett may have done the gopher voice..)