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LIVE from the Digiview Memorial Pavilion!
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Welcome everyone to the results of the biggest GAC event of the year! Our annual contest giving our readers a chance to see if they can create a "public domain" video cover as poorly as the professional store-bought ones. We had a recond number of entries this year, so let's get right to them. Who will walk away with the beautiful Golden Farmer Porky statuette this year??

First, we have a special selection of "Sample" covers made by the GAC Forums Moderators saluting Bugs Bunny.

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by Jon Cooke

by Lee Glover

by Matthew Hunter

The Runners Up

We had 23 covers submitted this year! Thanks to everyone who entered! The 23 were then narrowed to 12 finalists which were then voted on by the members of the Termite Terrace Trading Post on the GAC Forums. Below is a gallery of the covers that didn't make the finals. However, their artwork will have the honor of being on display here for years to come.

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by Philo & Gunge

by cbrubaker

by flyingfrog76

by Debbie

by Douglas E

by cartoonfan4ever

by Brandon Panther

by Kyle G.

by jonmayo15

by The Chase

by Richie

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