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An Introduction to the 2008 Ugly PD Results...

It's hard to believe this was the sixth annual Ugly Public Domain Video Cover Contest. The whole thing started back in 2003 as a joke and eventually turned into a tradition. I honestly didn't expect to even do a contest at all this year (sharp-eyed readers may have noticed I didn't slip in a "See you next year!" at the end of last years' results page). Why? Well, I figured after five years we had pretty much done the joke to death. Much to my surprise, I kept getting asked when this year's contest was going to be. So, this 2008 edition truly was a return by popular demand!

To keep things fresh, I changed the rules a tad this year. It was required that all entries be a "PD"-ized version of an existing official classic cartoon DVD release. At first I was a little discouraged that we only got 7 covers this year but, as you will see, it was a case of "quality (or lack of, I guess) over quantity". All 7 were very funny and this year the users of the GAC Forums, for the first time ever, voted on the winners. I was blown away that over 50 people cared enough to vote in this silly contest. I guess people really do get a kick out of this thing.

Anyway, as long as there are greedy/clueless companies who crank out hilariously hideous public domain DVDs for us to ridicule... this contest will live on. On with the results...

See you next year!

Special "Sample" Covers Made By the GAC Forums Moderators

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by by Jon Cooke

by Lee Glover

The Runners Up

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by JonMayo15

by Marty26

by DDC

by Bugsmer

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