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And now... THE 2008 WINNERS (as voted by the members of the GoldenAgeCartoons Forums)!!!!!

3rd place: Really Hilarious Award Nominated Cartoons by Brandon Panther

Brandon's spoof of the Academy Awards DVD set cover earned him 16.67% of the vote for the third place nod this year. He wins the Pinky and the Brain, Volume 1 DVD!

In his own words: "I think the whole "idea" of my cover was just about how most people view cartoons as always having to be funny, even though cartoons CAN be serious or heartfelt (or just downright suck at the comedy, in the case of "Bird Came COD"). Also, I wondered if PD companies really look at the content of the cartoons. They'll say adult-approved even though it may include the uncut "An Itch in Time" or "All This and Rabbit Stew". What if they just assumed that all the cartoons they picked were funny.

Incidentally, I do like most of the cartoons that I highlighted on the cover, with the exception of Columbia's "Sad Little Guinea Pigs"."

2nd place: Woody Woodpecker 1933-1938 by Der Captain

Coming in at 2nd place with 22.22% of the vote was this very funny cover by Der Captain (Kel Crum). He wins the complete George of the Jungle DVD!

Kel says: "I would like to thank all who voted for me. You have inspired me to go back to art school so I can someday achieve my lifelong dream of creating Ugly Public Domain Rembrandt portraits."


Beautiful, isn't it???

We proudly present the Termite Terrace Trading Post's highest (?) honor, the coveted Golden Farmer Porky Award, to the TTTP's Ugliest PD Tape Cover of 2008.....

1st place: The Chronological Donald & Friends, Vol. 3 by Mike Matei

Finally, with a whopping 33.33% of the vote, Mike's cover took top prize this year. He wins copies of The Flintstones - The Complete First Season and Tom & Jerry Spotlight Collection, Vol. 3 on DVD!

A few words from Mike: "My cover is compiled from different classic PD cover themes. The colored stripe along top is from Troy Gold VHS tapes. The "Maltins Approved" is a parody of the classic Parents Approved Home Video that had the gold stickers on front. The Bubble font: Star Classics, 3-G in the top left: is the 3-G home Video logo, the font "Disney Treasure Favorites" is like Childrens Favorites by Trans-Atlantic Video, The weird shape behind Donald is a nod to the shapes in the background of the old Kid Pics tapes which was a division of Amvest Video. See you next year! Nyaaaaa"

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