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New Posts Popeye and Flintstones return to Boomerang333,148 
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popeye and the flintstones airing on the Boomerang channel

New Posts The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries and Baby Looney Tunes on Discovery Kids0117
Also The Smurfs (the hand-drawn original series)

New Posts Universal/Warner to re-release Complete Rankin/Bass Christmas Collection on Blu-ray, October 31st0163
With all R/B Christmas specials in 5-disc set, excluding Santa, Baby
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New Posts Animation Restoration at Universal Studios3482
Lantz, Magoo, George of the Jungle, and long rumored destroyed: He-Man

New Posts Walter Lantz shorts coming to MeTV6872
Enough said.

New Posts Supermodels (2000)2395
Icebox superhero comedy series

New Posts Homestar Runner3454
2000 comedy web series

New Posts Cartoon Monsoon0252

New Posts Zombie College (2000)0118

New Posts DC’s Lobo animated webseries3355
Forgotten DC webtoon.

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