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New Posts Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom (1959) and Jiminy Cricket Presents Bongo (1955) Removed from archive.org2409
these episodes have been removed from in 2020 due to copyright

New Posts List of Stuart/Guaranteed Aesops191,046
Partial list of Terry Aesops distributed by Stuart Productions/Guaranteed Pictures for TV

New Posts TCM Showing Classic Cartoons Every Saturday Morning!6820,178 
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Apparently it started last month already! :O
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New Posts Mammy Two Shoes +1184,802
Appearances in Tom and Jerry original/redubbed voice

New Posts [French/Français] Jacques Haik-Audio Cinema Terry-Toons releases0235
may expand to documenting other international imports

New Posts Wanted: Redrawns81,597

New Posts Silent Cartoon Stock Music0190
Library music and "needle drops" heard in various prints of old silent cartoons

New Posts Taxi Turvy 1954 Popeye Famous Studios 1080HD remaster1301
frame by frame 10 pass AI HD restoration by Cartoon Renewal Studios

New Posts Ali Baba 1936 Ub Iwerks restored and digitally remastered to 1080 HD15643
Cartoon Renewal Studios is restoring ALL of the pubic domain cartoons for 2021!

New Posts Which cartoons are these from?2777
A batch of cues by Darrell Calker and Winston Sharples puzzling me

New Posts Tex Avery Volume 2 announced!!!! +11569,125 
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