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New Posts TCM to air "Cartoon Carnival" and two compilations of Fleischer Studios cartoons0281
Scheduled to air Saturday, October 2nd (10/2/21)
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New Posts TCM Showing Classic Cartoons Every Saturday Morning!8126,464 
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Apparently it started last month already! :O
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New Posts Merrie Melodies (redrawn versions)2281
for @Cool_Cat and Adam Fortner and more.

New Posts New Warners Restorations...19633,036 
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A bit of news from an early look at a new streaming service

New Posts Jerry Beck On Stu's Show - 8/4/21262,682 
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Show #598

New Posts Who was responsible for the Disney cartoon posters?0290
Mostly posters for the 1940s/1950s shorts, which seemed to go through some jarring stylistic changes

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