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Please read this before making specific posts!

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Sticky New Posts Guidelines for Screenshot Submissions +183,813

New Posts When Funnies Were Funny (1975) list of cartoons099
Radio and Television Packagers redraws

New Posts 44 new WB restorations15516,284 
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New Posts Lantz cartoons in HD!8615
The miracle you never thought you'd see!

New Posts List of Astra TV cartoons432,220 
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New Posts Wondering about a few Sharples stock tracks5769
Which cartoons were these particular Sharples tracks originally composed for?

New Posts Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom (1959) & The Goofy Success Story (1955) needed4398
1990 Disney Channel VHS Recording Clip was removed from in April 2020

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New Posts New Kickstarter! Cartoon Roots: Dinky Doodle & Co. (Blu-ray/DVD)10586
Only you can help make these new restorations possible...

New Posts Somewhere in Dreamland 1936 Max Fleischer Technicolor digitally restored and remastered to 1080 HD7602
Cartoon Renewal Studios is restoring ALL the public domain cartoons for 2021
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