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Dutch Disney releases
AFAIK, these are identical to the German and UK releases. I’ve been using the IAD for my own collection, but it’s been a bit of a chore to always find the right translated title. Since I already put the work into it, I figured I could share it here.

I’m linking to the Dutch website Disney Info, which has all the information about the discs (e.g. release dates and cover art). The titles are often a bit wrong, though, so I’ve typed down the correct titles with the correct capitalisation.

These were also distributed in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Some of these also seem to have French text on the cover, which means they were distributed in both the Netherlands and the entirety of Belgium.

Except for Mickey's Kerstmagie, I have owned all of these releases at some point.

Fables (Sprookjes)
Covers are like the Italian ones, but numbering is like the UK ones. First four were originally released with a case around the set.
Walt Disney Sprookjes: Deel 1  = 
Walt Disney Sprookjes: Deel 2  = 
Walt Disney Sprookjes: Deel 3  = 
Walt Disney Sprookjes: Deel 4  = 
Walt Disney Sprookjes: Deel 5  = 
Walt Disney Sprookjes: Deel 6  = 

Walt Disney Treasures
These are pretty straightforward. Only a few releases.
The Chronological Donald: Volume Eén: 1934-1941 
Mickey Mouse In Living Color 
Mickey Mouse In Living Color: Volume Twee 
Silly Symphonies 

Everybody Loves… (Iedereen is gek op…)
Iedereen is gek op Donald  = 
Iedereen is gek op Goofy  = 
Iedereen is gek op Mickey  = 

Have A Laugh
Same English title. 

Laugh Factory (Pretpaleis)
Mickey's Pretpaleis  = 
Donald's Pretpaleis  = 

Walt Disney Animation Collection: Classic Short Films
Het Kerstfeest van Mickey  = 
Mickey en de Bonenstaak  = 
De Drie Kleine Biggetjes  = 

Knabbel en Babbel: Heibel in de Boom  = 
Knabbel en Babbel: Pas Op! Heibel!  = 
't Is Bijna Kerstfeest  = 
Vrolijk Kerstfeest met Mickey en zijn Vriendjes  = 
Extreem Sportplezier  = 
Mickey's Zomerzotheid  = 
Mickey Krijgt Schurken op Bezoek  = 
Disney's Favoriete Kerst  = 
Mickey's Kerstmagie: Ingesneeuwd In Mickey's Club  = 
Winter Wonderland  = 
Lievelingsverhalen  = 

German Disney releases
There are a few German Walt Disney Treasures releases miscategorized in the database, as I discovered when comparing my own collection of Treasures  which is mostly imported from Germany.

They are in the database, but seem to be missing from the video listings index (category Disney Treasures) and are not connected as a series to the other German Treasures.

As you can see from my picture, the releases missing from the category which I own are:
MM in BW 1 was released in Region 2, it's just in Italian and English, plus doesn't have the menu music.
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Originally Posted by: Blob55 

MM in BW 1 was released in Region 2, it's just in Italian and English, plus doesn't have the menu music.

A German release too, which displays correctly in the database. You can see it in the picture of my collection. The German releases I listed are not displayed correctly in the database. 🙂
Are you going to list the differences between releases?
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I recently encountered this Blu-Ray release online. It does not seem to be included in the database. 

Weihnachtsspass mit Donald (Blu-ray)(Germany)

  • Hockey Champ
  • Snow Fight
  • Rescue Dog
  • Chip an' Dale
  • Winter Storage
  • Toy Tinkers
  • Corn Chips
  • On Ice
  • Alpine Climbers
  • The Art of Skiing

Likewise, DVD version of this release:  (UK — Donald Duck's Christmas Favourites)

Edit: Adding a German DVD version as well: 
Thanks for the posting.