(An accompaniment to Mister Bighead's archive.)

Since 2004, the GAC Forums, followed by their successor, the IAD Forums, have held party threads relating to various holidays, featuring everybody's favorite toons in all sorts of strange situations, endless brawls, and at times provocative and/or out-of-character scenarios. They have allowed users to go crazy with their storytelling abilities and imagination, often out of the thrill of working with (or perhaps further butchering, in some cases) some of the most beloved (or forgotten) characters in the world.

It should be noted now that some (okay, a great deal) of the content in the GAC threads may be quite controversial or even NSFW. The content in question was acceptable then, as Jon Cooke's participation (not to mention, at one point, gratitude) indicates, but it may not be acceptable in parties now.

You are invited to the GAC Halloween Party!!! (2004)
The invitation to the very first of these parties...and some users are arriving early.

The GAC Halloween Party! All weekend! (2004)
The users themselves are the guests in this party that started it all...including a very strange Looney horror comic and some creepy video covers from Amazon.

The 1st Annual GAC Christmas Party!! (2004)
The foundation-layer for the parties as we know them today, as the users bring actual toons in. Mostly description, though, and the party lasts into New Year's Eve, concluding with UserPostedImage, UserPostedImage, UserPostedImage, [audryy], [huey], and other minors being forced into the basement as Fritz the Cat and Dirty Duck arrive with tapes. Already there are brawls, as [tweety] has one with a bunch of characters at once...and wins!

GAC Thanksgiving Dinner (2005)
The toons, in a potluck, bring various goodies and items. More dialogue is being added at this point, culminating in an unusually crotchety [mickey]. The very first appearance of the gangster [buddy].

GAC Christmas Party (2005)
Things already get very irreverent in this second Christmas party, including jabs at the War in Afghanistan and the whole Merry X-mas/Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas debate, ending with gangster [buddy] destroying the party with his inane boomboxing. [bugs2]'s mansion is in Bel-Air this time. Includes an appearance from Glen Quagmire from "Family Guy".

A GAC Thanksgiving 2006
This particular feast, the first one to go up to 4 pages, occurs at [daffy]'s mansion. The Blue Aardvark appears. [scrooge] takes away [donald]'s inheritance, and [minnie] has an affair with [mighty]. The Simpsons and the Griffins make appearances. [buddy], despite not being invited, comes and gets knocked out by [popeye], only for [buddy] to be having an affair with [honey], ultimately going for Lois Griffin. Contains the infamous "Fred Flintstone in blackface" scene, after Fred shot Barney for stealing his Fruity Pebbles again.

GAC's 2006 Christmas Party
[scrooge] begins charging anybody who insults him with a "Christmas Carol" joke, $5 per joke. [sam] is apparently a conservative stereotype who kills Yogi Bear. The toons sing a parody of "Silver Bells" about Taco Bell; Calvin, Hobbes, Ren, Stimpy, and Little Lulu nearly ruin the party, while an apparently Red Bull-drugged [coolcat] jumps out the window thinking he can fly. And UserPostedImage gets a rock for Christmas.

I can't help but notice David Gerstein's contributions, most notably [coolcat] and [sylvestr] acting like it's the 60s after drinking excessive amounts of punch, not to mention Jon Cooke's contribution.

A GAC Thanksgiving 2007
Quasi from "Quasi at the Quackadero" stars, the running gag being the mispronunciation of the name of her cartoon. Emoticons invade the party. There are two endings that were posted at almost the same time; one featured all the toons chasing after Larry T (who had been a member since the Toonzone days; he uploaded this  copy of Tarts and Flowers, and on his channel can be found various original titles to various Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, along with some other oddities), and the other featured [bugs2] uttering a looooooooooooooooooong censored cuss. First appearance of Average Jones!

The GAC Christmas Party 2007
A failed restraining order against [buddy] (the thing expired two days ago) ultimately ends in all the other toons reverting to their prototypical selves, and only [crow]'s yelling stopped the madness. Contains random appearances by the Kool-Aid Man, Sander Schwartz, and Ace Bunny, not to mention Average Jones. And what happened to the Peanuts characters!? And the ending, featuring an awful rendition of "Hark! the Herald Angels Sing", is the kind that typically gets knee-jerk cheap laughs for the sheer tastelessness of the whole situation.

A GAC Valentine's Day (2008)
In the very first Valentine's Day party, [daffy] inviting Mortimer causes [mickey] and [popeye] to switch bodies, resulting in [mickey] eating spinach to uppercut Mortimer out of the mansion; Mr. Gerstein takes advantage of a Durante reference to throw in Jimmy Durante himself. [twoshoes] loves cartoons like "Mickey's Rival"; the "Se-duck-tress" from "The Super Snooper" comes as revenge on [daffy] from [bugs2]. [lepew] invades the party, and [wolfie] (with assistance from Bluto) pours marinara sauce on him to get rid of the stench. [flip] tries to woo [betty] into kissing him; he apparently had illegitimate children. Clarabelle Cow has mad cow disease, and [popeye]'s nephews disapprove; one even leaves.

GAC Father's Day party (2008)
The only GAC-IAD Father's Day consists only of three posts. In the first, [sylvestr] gets socks from UserPostedImage and a bomb from [tweety], while [donald] accidentally hatches a bunch of gremlins his nephews got. The second is a reprise of the gunpowder-pipe gag from "A Bear For Punishment", only for Daniel Hillard to come in and stop the scene before any harm can be done. The third features Papa Bear, [donald], and [sylvestr] lusting after [betty].

GAC Thanksgiving 2008
The first party to reach five pages. [gandy] is a part of the Vegetable Liberation Front against [bugs2] and [daffy]'s ideas of going vegan. [buddy], [sam], and [wolfie] get locked in the closet. The Sailor Scouts make their first appearance in this party, along with Cecil Turtle and Buu, and all the toons (those who have girlfriends, that is!) begin fighting over the Scouts! (Note [donald]'s vacuous comment in reaction to the controversial relationship between Sailors Uranus and Neptune. Sheesh.) Apparently, however, girls love Trekkies, as [bugs2] directs the Scouts to a Star Trek convention. Oh, and [bugs2] and [daffy] nearly fist-fight over [popeye]'s nephews.

Marty26, who was considered the propagator of [daffy] vs. [speedy] cartoons on the GAC Forums, couldn't resist introducing [speedy] in such a manner. Haruko from FLCL dresses as a nurse, a reference to episode 1 of that anime (and apparently Yakko and Wakko kidnapped a certain "Hello Nurse" years ago). [bugs2] kills [gandy] and the toons go to the Star Trek convention that the Sailor Scouts were directed towards.

Returning with sour faces, they are greeted by Pudgie and Grunge (from Mrs. Doubtfire...and guess who wrote the post introducing them?), and [lepew] is an undercover Interpol agent who gets Officer Jenny (from Pokemon!!)'s Squad to arrest Haruko once and for all. The toons sing a spoof of "For We Need A Little Christmas".

[sam] misinterprets [bugs2]'s statement to come out of the closet, Average Jones claims to be "The Turkey", and [mighty] comes back with a not-dead [gandy] and a whole bunch of Terrytoons characters that morph into an Ultraman ripoff. [daffy] gets the Sailor Scouts to come back, and yes, he apparently speaks Japanese...such that he even complains about how they're being called "Scouts" rather than "Soldiers". [bugs2], tired of the disorganization, goes "Duck Amuck" and erases the whole conflict.

[gandy] is a cannibal, [tom] and [jerry] have a silent argument that [pink] and [coyote] join (and [road] talks!), [huey] learned the f-word from a bunch of spam e-mails he got after joining some Sailor Moon Fan Forum, everybody eats a tofurkey, and everybody walks out after [buddy] and Cookie get in a bad argument.

GAC Christmas Party 2008
[bugs2], wearing a bra and panties, is in a festive mood. [buddy], out for revenge for not being invited, takes a 50ft Acme robot towards the mansion. [donald] wears pants. Cecil Turtle is apparently an otaku. [bugs2], getting sick of everybody wanting to cross-dress, tries to take off his clothing, only for [mickey] to call the FCC on him. (This point is completely forgotten by the very next post.) Superman melts Bluto's Blu-ray of "The Dark Knight".

Things just deteriorate from there, especially when UserPostedImage throws the Great Pumpkin into his sermon; the Great Pumpkin himself arrives after [andy] denies him, only for [popeye] to start eating him. Eventually, [bugs2] has a major size 84pt blow-up that causes him to destroy all the plots and his house, moving the party to his backup hole.

The ghosts of the WB directors show up. Jon Cooke provides perhaps the first time in which UserPostedImage is seen trying to sing "The Twelve Days of Christmas". There's spoofs of "A Holly Jolly Christmas" and "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". The toons pass out gifts; UserPostedImage is a Great Pumpkin worshiper, and according to Cindy Lou Who the Whos celebrate Grinchnukah. [gandy] is a terroristic Frosty-worshiping suicide bomber whom Jim Tyer's ghost takes to Heck. [bugs2] soaks Tom Palmer's ghost in gas and flamethrowers him, doing the same to [fethry], ultimately getting hit on the head with a baseball bat by [daffy] just as he is about to do the same to Cindy Lou Who.

The post Nic Kramer claims was deleted is intact; based on digging through information in the moderators-only section of the GAC Forums, there were actually two kinds of deletes, one that left the post intact for moderators (which applied to this post, as well as to several other "deleted" posts on the forums that are now accessible) and one that actually wiped it from the forums' memory. Der Captain concludes with an epilogue featuring [gandy] in Heck.

GAC Valentine's Party 2009
The Sailor Scouts' second appearance in the parties. Melissa has dumped [daffy] for Wentworth, Average Jones's presence at the party is called into question, Batman and Superman brawl to campy 1960s music, 🦊 and [crow] stage an intervention due to the constant partying (this particular party started early in January in real time) while the guests go out looking for same-sex couples (you're just kidding me), [bugs2] and [daffy] go mad and plan an endless party, one of the writers (The "Chase") enters the story and goes crazy, a random Muppet News Flash features a 60 year old man beating up the Newsman, Der Captain makes another Muppet News Flash that makes fun of the situation, and Douglas E. spreads amnesia gas throughout the party so that the toons can forget what just happened...only for a five-person brawl to break out, resulting in a special writers' room meeting that ends in the thread dying in a nitrate stock explosion a whole month before Valentine's Day.

GAC Halloween Party 2009
The first Halloween party in five years, and the debut of wiley207 as a contributor. This is the one where [bosko] and [fethry] fall into a stuck portable hole, the Disney characters (led by evil [mickey]) toilet-paper the house while [bugs2] and the others are away, and Nic Kramer and Der Captain disable each other's posts by making them into some alternate TV universe. (Nic Kramer disabled Der Captain's scenario of a UserPostedImage gone wild from one rock too many, while Der Captain's disabling effectively destroyed the whole subplot involving the good and evil [mickey]s.)

GAC Thanksgiving Dinner (2009)
The one where [foghorn] introduces KFC WTF (What the Freak, please!), the toons attempt a sequel to "See Ya Later Gladiator", and in the end the toons eat Lobster Fried Rice...only for [popeye], after eating carrots, to beat up [bugs2], [daffy], UserPostedImage, [sylvestr], [huey], [minnie], [andy], [buzzy], UserPostedImage, and [buddy]!

The GAC Black Friday Shopping Spree! (2009)
[tweety] is crushed by a 50 lb newspaper filled with Black Friday ads, UserPostedImage is an abusive mall manager, and [bugs2] and [daffy] narrowly escape first a mob of impeccable tastes and then a horde of angry soccer moms.

GAC Christmas Party 2009
The one with the Censor family, a parody of "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" about underwear, an entire song about [buddy], Jack King's ghost disguised as [foghorn] poisoning everybody with seafood, KFC WTF saving [bugs2] from [sam]'s pornographic magazines (and the wrath of Mr. Censor), the ghosts of King and Tom Palmer being stuffed into a SpongeBob costume and dropped off in Texas by Santa, and the Grand Theft Auto-themed parody of "The Christmas Song" (sung by the Peanuts gang, of all people!). Oh, and all the cats and mice get in a brawl that ends in [sylvestr] and UserPostedImage being kicked out, UserPostedImage sings a parody of "All I Want for Christmas Is You", the Censor family has left behind an asinine "uncut" copy of Dora the Explorer's Christmas Special, and UserPostedImage finally finishes singing the Twelve Days of Christmas...only to start singing it again.

GAC 2010 Valentines Day Party
The one that ends with everybody except [gandy] dying from random nukes. And apparently [gandy] is still a part of the Vegetable Liberation Front, if his last comment is any indication.

The GAC Halloween Party 2010
The one with [daffy] painted as Mordecai from "Regular Show", Billy and Mandy kidnapping UserPostedImage, and the censor monkeys (led by the Censor family's own Gertrude) kidnapping [coal] and [bosko], not to mention Santa and the Great Pumpkin competing in politics. UserPostedImage has been kidnapped by the censor monkeys as well, and the Scooby-Doo gang determines the location of the Ministry of Political-Correctness.

GAC Thanksgiving Party 2010
First appearance of Finn and Jake from "Adventure Time". The ghosts of our Golden Age greats are depicted irreverently (why the FREAK would Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett, and Tex Avery be in Family Guy t-shirts!? and Tedd Pierce vomiting on Mike Maltese? at least the part with Warren Foster was somewhat amusing), and finally Beavis and Butthead set the house on fire thanks to matches from the Little Match Girl.

A Very Short GAC Christmas Party
[bugs2]'s mansion is in Beverly Hills this time. Parodies of Christmas special titles, "Jingle Bell Rock", and "The Twelve Days of Christmas". The Anti-Monitor searches for "the Duck One". Apparently there was a stripping orgy before the party began.

The GAC Halloween Party 2011
The final party on the GAC forums. LooneyTunerIan is bashed for suggesting that [bugs2] and Lola dress up as Ash and Misty from "Pokemon", Witch Lezah dresses as [twoshoes], [bugs2] is sent into depression after UserPostedImage dresses as Misty (and brings Speedy Alka-Seltzer as a boyfriend...and later dumps him!), [gandy] propagates his "Occupy Time Warner" movement (and asks for the complete Squiddly Diddly on Blu-ray!), Winsor McCay's ghost tries to shut down the parties, and finally [dodo] starts a huge riot of Saturday Morning cartoon characters!

IAD's Getting Ready for the IAD Christmas Party 2011!!!!
Debut of [buzzy] as a narrator. [bugs2] punches [flip] in the face, Jimmy Durante appears again, and McCay's ghost comes back. [daffy] has Frosty nightmares.

The IAD Forums Christmas Party 2011
[dodo] bribes the judge to avoid going to jail for his crimes. [buzzy] and [crow] brawl over who gets to be narrator (here called "announcer"). [tom], [jerry], and [pink] have another silent conversation. [gandy] sings a parody of "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" about a can of pepper spray. [coolcat] randomly falls on [daffy] at the store. [woody] and [porky] almost fight over singing, only for UserPostedImage to perform and make all the "boys" drool. [bugs2] tries to go on a date with her, but Lola interrupts and runs off crying. The two rabbits make up and McCay's ghost arrives...the end.

The GAC/IADB Halloween Party 2012
[foghorn] dresses up as a train, UserPostedImage abandons faith in the Great Pumpkin, and [scrooge] tries to tape a reality show called "Huey Boo Boo" only to be sued by Boo Boo. McCay's ghost (along with a bunch of 70s characters) shows up at the very end.

The 2013 Annual IAD Halloween Party
Creepypastas, the Great Pumpkin's evil wreaking havoc for the first time, a psychotic UserPostedImage who has actually been hypnotized by Ludwig Von Drake since 2012, and, most importantly, the debut of the current group of writers.

The 2013 IADB/GAC Thanksgiving Feast
A misunderstanding involving Tom Turk and [porky], pie escapades involving Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Winnie the Pooh, and Piglet, Jasper joining in, a giant brawl that ends in hospitalization for nearly everybody, and the introduction of the Dogfather and his henchmen.

An IAD Christmas 2013
The first party to open as if it were an actual special rather than just a thread, and the first in which Arnold (from "Tiny Toons") is the bouncer. Olaf (from "Frozen") has an extensive amount of screen time. Misterjaw scares a Nabbit out of [bugs2]'s HDTV. Walter Wolf's projector projects upside-down. [daffy] tries to roast [porky] over the fireplace, giving him first-degree burns in the process. The Disney characters can't come...but they give [daffy] a nutcracker that, once broken, causes the party to spiral out of control, including a reprise of [dodo]'s riot from the 2011 Halloween party! Misterjaw decides to become the toilet shark. [foghorn] introduces Coca-Cola WTF, resulting in UserPostedImage going through a Nutcracker Fantasy-esque hallucination sequence. Finally, Queen Morphia wreaks havoc by turning Toontown into UserPostedImage's hallucinations (henceforth to be called the Land of Commercialized Christmas Insanity), and only the true meaning of Christmas can restore things to normal.

The 2014 IADB Valentine's Day Party
What would happen if you turned an already crazy party (featuring appearances by Rocko and Heffer, Seth MacFarlane, and John K.'s Miley Cyrus) into a sequel to Nutcracker Fantasy and threw in Muppets, the National Film Board of Canada, the Warner siblings, the 70s Cartoon Wasteland, secret fridges, giant nuclear-level explosions courtesy of [dodo], the Tijuana Toads dressed as a frog leg purveyor, wizard duels, Ren Höek, a 70s cartoon dog gone Don Quixote, and the Little Red-Haired Girl? This is probably the answer.

This was when texwolf42 changed his name to Mister Bighead.

IAD St. Patrick's Day Jig/Easter Egg Hunt
The longest party thread ever (which returns [buzzy] to the narrator's post) goes endlessly from one plot to another, from [bugs2] and the Japanese Beetle looking for a shamrock to decorate the St. Patrick's Day cake (which is ultimately almost completely destroyed by [daffy], resulting in another brawl), to the whole Louie-Charlie-Heather love triangle, to a jewel heist carried out by Constantine and the Easter Bunny, and finally to a beauty pageant that marks the return of the Censor family to these threads.

Trailer for Halloween Party thread: "Great Pumpkin"
The title should explain all. Note the quote from the Dogfather's first-ever post on these parties.

Great Pumpkin- An IAD/GAC 10th Anniversary Halloween Party- NO TOON IS SAFE!
ParamountCartoons's "party" of mass hysteria, including several deaths! (Most of the toons come back by the next party anyways.) The Great Pumpkin's (mis)deeds include:
-Starting a nitrate fire in the Little Red-Haired Girl's mansion
-Killing off both the Dogfather's henchmen (Louie by tempting into suicide, Pug by sucking out his life)
-Ruining the TCM marathon of animation so that the Van Beuren block would not be shown
-Deforming the Scooby-Doo time for their next revival
-Committing mass arson in the 90s Silver Age Borough

Also, wolf plasma spreads from Walter Wolf to Slappy Squirrel, UserPostedImage, three Miis, [wolfie], and Ralph Wolf.

The debut of Toadette, here as a guest writer.

The GAC-IAD Thanksgiving Feast: The NEARLY 10th Anniversary Edition
Toadette's influence is already quite noticeable here. The debut of Justin Delbert as a writer—he brings back the Sailor Scouts as a group. Some neat and quirky gags and blackout structure here and there, and even bigger brawls than the one in the year before; the posts are all at least interesting. Simon Bar Sinister and Cad scheme to take over New York, and later Toontown (using Shrekology). And Toad and Toadette, after a statement from Captain Toad's producer claiming that the two aren't siblings, find out their origins from Princess Peach—their mother.

One of the last posts marks the first official appearance of Average Jones in these threads in years.

A GAC/IAD Black Friday 2014
Some gags related to various toons (not [bugs2] and [daffy]) at the mall, tied together by a loose retelling of the Grinch. ParamountCartoons, not amused at the opening of the thread, contributes one post (that opens with a rebuke of Mister Bighead, who seems to be in his "Rocko" characterisation, and then goes into [buddy] being a brony) and then ends it.

An IAD Christmas Carol
[daffy] pulls the plug on these parties and hibernates, only for ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future to visit him. The past segment devolves into [daffy] abuse, while the very short present segment is followed by an interlude with gags featuring [bugs2] dealing with [bugs], along with a Christmas medley-parody. The future segment takes a sharp turn towards the atmospheric and utterly depressing.

IAD Christmas Carol After-Party
Having changed his ways, [daffy] allows a short Christmas party to occur. [pink], after dealing with the Little Man's shadow covering the projector, is forced to face some old enemies from the Academy Awards. [sylvestr] deals with spoiled UserPostedImage with a giant egg. [audryy] is taken to task for her constant laughing. Elsa, having been hypnotized by Simon Bar Sinister and Cad, nearly kills all the toons after singing a parody of "Let It Go" that makes Rudolph feel bad on the occasion of his special's 50th Anniversary, only for the plan to be ruined by Cad's incompetence (and the timely arrival of [mighty]). Baby Bowser has stolen [daffy]'s Stollen, only to be thwarted by [bugs].

Mary Jane has 450 lbs, gaining an extra 450 pounds from Wallace and Gromit. Charlie Brown makes another bad holiday fish, later gaining encouragement from Lucy, who declares that Charlie Brown has saved the guests from holiday weight gain.

Nonetheless, the fish is fed to Snoopy, who is knocked out by its badness. Toadette tries to decorate him from there and reference the ending to "A Charlie Brown Christmas", only for her to end up becoming a Christmas tree herself!

The GAC-IAD 10th Anniversary New Year's Wrap Party
This party takes place at Sailor Mars's mansion, in accordance with Simon Bar Sinister's plan to have Mars act on her craving for toons. [daffy], trying to get revenge on Toadette for all the things that have happened this year, screens Toadette's humiliating failures to do a distinctive piece of Carlo Vinci animation. [scrooge] complains about "The Interview". Toadette tries to get rid of narration, declaring it a crutch, though Delbert goes right on doing it anyways. Mr. Jinks has become a "New Year's party-breakup-type police cat". After the toons state their resolutions, Mars hands out the chocolates.

Earlier that day, Snooper, Blabber, and Kirby entangled themselves in the controversial legacy of John Lennon—and of Florence Ballard Chapman!

At the ringing in of the New Year, all the toons turn into gummy treats due to the chocolates. Luckily for them, though, before Mars can begin her eating spree, the Sailor Scouts come in and convince Mars to stop...but then Simon Bar Sinister and Cad take matters into their own hands. It all leads to an epic climax that ends in Simon Bar and Cad permanently dead. (Spoiler alert: UserPostedImage finally finishes singing the Twelve Days of Christmas after more than a year, having begun another singing of it during the 2013 Christmas thread.)
Yet Another GAC-IAD Valentine's Day
Three different [bugs2]es appear in this almost entirely Toadette-written extravaganza that represents an education, delightful homages to classic cartoons and the arts in general, and a tale of tragic love (itself a homage to "What's Opera, Doc?") all at once.

[bugs2] dresses up as Brünnhilde, ultimately becoming immersed in the balletic role within a few posts. [daffy] tries to communicate with Minako using a carrot, planning to get laid with her as a throwback to the 2009 Valentine's party, but [bugs2]-as-Brünnhilde eats it up. Hunky and Spunky try to modernize, courtesy of Mister Bighead, with Hunky even twerking with a drunken [buddy]. The sunhat-wearing Jigglypuff from Super Smash Bros., who also happens to be a good ballet dancer, escapes from the TV, getting Spunky kicked out of the mansion (and stepped all over by Brünnhilde [bugs2]); in time, he becomes Brünnhilde [bugs2]'s love after a long chain of events involving marzipan pigs, several pas-de-deuxs, and a manic chase throughout UserPostedImage's castle that ends in a chaotic brawl.

ParamountCartoons reintroduces the stereotypically gay [bugs], who is rejected practically on the spot by Brünnhilde [bugs2]. The Japanese Beetle goes around shooting Cupid arrows whenever possible, often at others' request (including [bugs]). [daffy]'s family from the end of "Nasty Quacks" returns, disposing of Hunky and [buddy] and getting rid of the remaining guests that have arrived (including [porky], the Van Pelts, and [speedy]) with a very strange Swiss Army Knife-esque contraption stuffed with several weapons and tools. Minako confronts [daffy] for the breakup of communication earlier, but is finally taken hostage with help from [daffy]'s family (including a butter knife duel with the girl duck). She is rescued by Gumby and Pokey (writer: Justin Delbert).

Meanwhile, [sylvestr] tries to eat [tweety] again, finally being left with a phobia of [tweety] birds after [tweety] summons several of his kind on him in a mash-up of Hitchcock's "The Birds" and the basic plot of Freleng's "Tree for Two".

Yet another [bugs2] (first known as Manhattan [bugs2], then Mid-Late-40s Freleng [bugs2], and finally just 40s [bugs2]) enters the story, meeting up with the Dogfather and resisting [bugs]. [foghorn] builds a Tunnel of Love and heckles the Barnyard Dawg in his usual manner; the Dawg, in turn, is shot by one of the Japanese Beetle's Cupid arrows into loving [foghorn] within the Tunnel, instigating a typical loud-mouthed [foghorn] rant that, due to his inability to shut up, ends in him going down a waterfall.

Bluto tries kidnapping all the "girls", so to speak (including UserPostedImage in his woman outfit from "The Big Snooze"!), but is driven to tears when things go out of hand, especially when the annoying Red from "Little Red Riding Rabbit" enters with Sunhatpuff and Brünnhilde [bugs2]. The 40s [bugs2] finally drives Bluto over the edge (and back into 40s New York) with a coconut custard pie with whipped cream from the Mocambo/Mocrumbo!

At the nighttime ball at [bugs2]'s mansion, UserPostedImage, thinking the Little Red-Haired Girl (Heather) isn't coming, dances with Lauren Bacall, only arousing the anger of Humphrey Bogart and Heather! He gets punched all the way to Videoville, landing in a ? block—leaving him a literal blockhead!

Pug and Louie make their first appearance in these parties since they died on Halloween—and Toadette (yours truly) intends this to be their very last appearance. Here, Louie, having been assisted by 40s [bugs2] in getting rid of UserPostedImage with Bacall and Bogart, reunites with the Little Red-Haired Girl at last, but Delbert ultimately screws things up for Louie with out-of-character writing, not to mention the intervention of Sailor Venus helping UserPostedImage. In the end, after a performance by Carmen Miranda and 40s [bugs2], Louie gets back by having the Japanese Beetle shoot a Cupid arrow into Heather...with UserPostedImage getting back at the Beetle by making the Blue Racer fall in love with him!

Brünnhilde [bugs2] and Sunhatpuff/Balletpuff sing "Return My Love", their courtship now at its height...but Brünnhilde [bugs2]'s helmet falls off, and the jig is up. Sunhatpuff, betrayed that his love was a rabbit in drag, grows giant and goes into a mad rampage on Toontown (and gives a well-deserved stomp to Alvin Seville, who was complaining endlessly throughout the party—the complaining was written by Delbert). In a beautiful black-and-white tag-team between Frank Tashlin (and really, he really gets his chances to shine in this thread!) and Tex Avery, [daffy] turns into Super American and tries to defeat the puffball, driving Snooper and Blabber insane in the process, but fails miserably!

ParamountCartoons contributes one last post, in which [bugs] ponders what Valentine's card he should get for 40s [bugs2]. Notably, the screen is screwed up, split between IB Tech and Eastman and then Fuji!

Fed up with all these distractions, Sunhatpuff eats the marzipan pigs he had been saving for several posts, and, with the natural forces now at his command, completely destroys Toontown and kills almost every toon (including 40s [bugs2] and [bugs])—except ex-Brünnhilde [bugs2], who ultimately seems to get struck by lots of lightning. The strange contraption from all the way back finally deflates Sunhatpuff, who, at the sight of the seemingly dead [bugs2], feels remorse; of course, as Sunhatpuff carries [bugs2] off to UserPostedImage's castle, [bugs2] confides in us that he's not really dead.

Toadette's Animated Musing that closes the thread reveals that Sunhatpuff and [bugs2] are now the main court ballet dancers at UserPostedImage's castle.
Mister Bighead
Toadette, I hope you don't mind me commenting.

I like how you've been staying true to the characters in the Valentine's Party thread. The old GAC writers seemed to go towards the Family Guy/Adult Swim routine when writing for the party threads. It seemed to rely on stupid, weird humor rather than the slapstick and gag humor you would see in golden-age cartoons. It's good you have respect for classic cartoons as you write in a similar, intelligent style of those who wrote for such great cartoons of the past.

Yes, I admit to writing posts that continued the traditions of the writing style of the GAC writers of the past. (Now, I do feel embarrassed about the DreamWorks thing written for the Thanksgiving Party.) I don't think I'm going to contribute to these threads anymore unless I have a good idea and the time. The reason for this is because I have other things I need to worry about.

All said, I hope you continue with your entertaining posts.
Originally Posted by: Mister Bighead 

Toadette, I hope you don't mind me commenting.

I like how you've been staying true to the characters in the Valentine's Party thread. The old GAC writers seemed to go towards the Family Guy/Adult Swim routine when writing for the party threads. It seemed to rely on stupid, weird humor rather than the slapstick and gag humor you would see in golden-age cartoons. It's good you have respect for classic cartoons as you write in a similar, intelligent style of those who wrote for such great cartoons of the past.

Well, the posts I did back there I tried to steer in an in-character situation. Granted, I didn't think I did a good job (I still keep trying to sneak in super heroine interest love side story for Daffy), but I thought I did better than that one hypocrite who I'm surprised didn't get suspended that whole time.
I hope you don't mind my minor bump here, but I wanted to make a comment. I remember the days when I was part of these parties. Those where some good times. I remember when I first discovered them, I spent so much time making them. Ah, I remember those days as if it were yesteryear, which it was, since it was a year ago. Why does my sense of time passing do these things to me?

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Toadette, I hope you don't mind me commenting.

I like how you've been staying true to the characters in the Valentine's Party thread. The old GAC writers seemed to go towards the Family Guy/Adult Swim routine when writing for the party threads. It seemed to rely on stupid, weird humor rather than the slapstick and gag humor you would see in golden-age cartoons. It's good you have respect for classic cartoons as you write in a similar, intelligent style of those who wrote for such great cartoons of the past.

Yes, I admit to writing posts that continued the traditions of the writing style of the GAC writers of the past. (Now, I do feel embarrassed about the DreamWorks thing written for the Thanksgiving Party.) I don't think I'm going to contribute to these threads anymore unless I have a good idea and the time. The reason for this is because I have other things I need to worry about.

All said, I hope you continue with your entertaining posts.

I must admit I was guilty of doing this thing. I would do some crazy thing in the story and steer it in a totally different directions, and then it would get steered back and I would be confused. I was stupid back then.
The First, Last, and Only GAC-IAD Fourth of July
An unusual little cinematic mini-masterpiece (helmed by Chuck Jones and Frank Tashlin), once again almost entirely written by Toadette in her second party thread as supervisor. [daffy], who here is a hybrid between the overbearing, wacky-in-a-sophisticated-way Tashlin [daffy] of the 40s and the egotistical "sore loser" Jones [daffy] of the 50s, tries to prove to [bugs2] that he can do something patriotic on the Fourth of July in order to take a pie that looks like the American flag entirely for himself. Among his bizarre acts of patriotism are:
-Trying to replace a Confederate flag that Barnyard Dawg put up as a way a bringing more abuse on [foghorn] (who, in the meantime, explodes [sylvestr] with fireworks to get a whole collection of American-themed merchandise)
-Being recruited by [coyote] in a scheme to prevent 9/11
-Fooling UserPostedImage into thinking he's been all the famous assassins throughout American history
-Doing a destructive act as his audition for the fireworks show that night ([mickey], who auditions as well, pulls out the Statue of Liberty from his magic hat, while [sylvestr] tries to play Sousa's The Thunderer on his one-cat band) and getting shot by [donald] (whom [daffy] had thrown out of the window in a wicker chair the day before; Frank Tashlin claimed that, during his time at Disney, he liked doing this to Clarence Nash, the voice of [donald])
-Embarking on a lone destructive invasion of Videoville over some Shy Guys' sack (which turned out to be a laundry bag)...and almost succeeding! (I dare anyone to think of anybody that managed to take out an entire UserPostedImage army, UserPostedImage, Donkey Kong, 105 Splatoon splat kids (seriously, what was Nintendo consuming when they thought of that game?), and UserPostedImage on the same occasion...without taking it particularly seriously!)
-Looking like a hero in front of potential pen pals
-Attempting to sabotage a screening of footage of "The Peanuts Movie" in 3-D, only to be stopped by the manager; [daffy] is thrown out so hard that he collapses all the telephone poles and, after trying to stick his finger up, causes a widespread power outage

[daffy] finally decides, now that Toontown is dark, that he should just steal the pie, but then sees [coyote] has successfully prevented 9/11 (as for the lack of any timeline change, well, "The more things change...."); with [daffy] stealing his honorary medal, [coyote] launches a firework, sending him into the sky (though [daffy] does use the opportunity to steal the pie) and commencing the fireworks show in glorious Technicolor. [daffy], after a long fall with first the medal and then the pie landing on him, proclaims in Poe-speak that there will be no more Fourth of July-themed party threads.