Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera
9 days ago
Hello, I'd like to know what the first concept art and scripts developed by the first Disney studio team to work on the film were, as I've heard that the script and drawings could have been completely different from what they became.

Another interesting fact is that the story should have had a different rhythm and contained many more gags, but Walt Disney decided against it for some unknown reason.

Can anyone here tell me more about the early production of this film?
  • Mac
  • Advanced Member
7 days ago
I highly recommend this blog which continues to post many orignal documents for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs including many early concepts, drafts, outlines, character devlopment, story conferences and more. If you go to the oldest posts first, you'll find very early story outlines from 1934. 

Be sure to send a message to the owner of the site he's a nice guy and his blog is a hidden gem.

I think the favourite thing I learned from the site is a gag idea for the end of the film: After Snow White has been awakened and had her happy ending with the prince, Sleepy uses her glass coffin to sleep in! He closes the lid so that the fly, which has pestered him throughout the film, can no longer get to him!!
S. C. MacPeter
3 days ago
Yes, buy the Kaufman book. It's the best resource on the making of the film. Sometimes these requests for knowledge are best kept to scholarly books and blogs, like the resources above

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