11 days ago
Is anyone having issues being able to log in or out of the forums? I know there is an issue with the link on the front page, but the buttons on the message board page should be working fine. But I'm getting a report that one of our members can't log in. So, is anyone else having problems?

ETA: If you're going to test this, do it on a different browser or a different computer. Once you're logged out, you may not be able to log back in!
10 days ago
Yeah, I had trouble, but I was able to log-in this time.
10 days ago
No problems on my end.
10 days ago
Tried on a different browser. Got the "statement has been terminated" message.

Also, I can't update entries for some reason.
10 days ago

Also, I can't update entries for some reason.

Originally Posted by: ToonStar95 

What specifically are you trying to do? And what kind of error message are you getting?
PopKorn Kat
9 days ago
Using the buttons on the forum itself had no effect (other than "locking me out" because of too many failed login attempts) until I reset my password.
Slowly I Turn
8 days ago
Was logged off in Firefox and could not log back in. Went to Edge and I can get in using that (obviously, I guess). Text that was in black is now in light blue making it harder to read and the buttons to take you direct to the newest post are missing.

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