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As per Steve on the Blu ray forums:

Steve Stanchfield wrote:

We're working on something just for the small group here-- a disc of sneak preview films from projects that we'll eventually finish- some close to being done, some still very much in progress. It's going to be available for three or four days only, and I'm hoping people will keep the films just for themselves and the sneak preview disc.

The Thunderbean Sneak Preview Blu-ray 2024 (BDR) features a bunch of things we’ve been working on for a while. We’re making this special disc available for a very limited time for supporters and collectors. It features 12 cartoons and special films that will be featured on future sets, featuring rarities like ‘Buster Bear’, A Toby the Pup you’ve never seen, and some Felix the Cat cartoons that are not available otherwise as well as a few things we won’t be using on any set. The disc has just been completed and we’ll be shipping it at the beginning of March. This is one that won’t be available again. Proceeds will go directly to supporting Thunderbean projects that are nearly done.

Order yours today!  
PopKorn Kat

Also took the time to pre-order "Public Domain Mouse Adventures" as it contains the long-unseen "Uncle Walt" (1964)!
Wonder if Buster Bear was just included because I reminded Steve about it on Cartoon Research.

Still, I do wonder what Toby the Pup will be on it.
S. C. MacPeter
I've seen enough people talk about it time to time on Facebook that I'm sure its merely a bit of stack up from over the years, although the point of the disc does suggest that Buster will be on an official set within due time. That said, having seen it long ago, despite the interesting history surrounding it, the cartoon isn't very exciting, and it was obvious then and now for Warners to go with Harman-Ising rather than McCrory, who had by this point failed twice to make a sound cartoon series for Vitaphone (the first was in 1929 with an attempt at animating Joe Jinks). I do hope people enjoy being able to see it and not be the one to upload it on Youtube :)

In any case, I'm very excited for the Toby and especially the Felixes. Through the silents I've seen, I've found Felix to be the most consistently good and have some of the very best silents, and it'll be a pleasure to see some uncommon ones.
Bobby Bickert
Some other new discs:

"A Spooky Cartoony Halloween!" (a pressed disc)

"Secret Scanning Trip!"

"There's More Folks!"

(I just pre-ordered all three of them, as well as the Sneak Preview disc.)
will order this .......but still waiting for "Flip the Frog" ordered in 2017
PopKorn Kat
Originally Posted by: epidicus 

will order this .......but still waiting for "Flip the Frog" ordered in 2017

Sorry to hear about this - I'd recommend discussing this with Steve Stanchfield via email, Private Messages, or Thunderbean Shop's customer support. He might be able to assist.