S. C. MacPeter
While Walt was keen on using cels from the very beginning, little know that occasional scenes in the Alice Comedy series used the "slash" system of cutting up the still parts to save on costs and cels. One such is the mostly lost ALICE SMOKES THE DOPE, released February 1st, 1926. This title, left out of most filmographies (though film magazines list it, with one review below). The cartoon, based on the review and the art I won at a local auction lately, seems to revolve around Alice and Julius selling weed, when a rival seller played by Pete takes issue and starts a fight, eventually resulting in both parties smoking too much and going on trips, similar to Farmer Alfalfa's many drunken trips. After winning these at the beginning of March, I showed them to a collector friend, who in return sent me a 2 minute fragment of the cartoon, showing mostly the dream sequence. Julius mostly flirts with a girl that turns into a bottle of castor oil, and Pete dreams about money. When Julius wakes up he is happy, thus the drawing in the middle (it cuts off after here, but probably close to the end). I hope to share the fragment soon, once I get all of my drawings (I also have a few more) scanned to build a reconstruction. In the meantime, here are 3 of my favorite drawings, and a review from Motion Picture News, March 18th, 1926.


ALICE SMOKES THE DOPE- 1 reel (Winkler)

Here is a most original Alice Comedy from the Cartoonist Walt Disney. Alice and a Cat Friend are selling a deal on Marijuana, but rival Bruin objects, resulting a war with some interesting results on both parties. In the end, both parties do not resolve. It is funny, but the story is meaningless. It will please audiences, regardless.

I swear I've seen the name "ALICE SMOKES THE DOPE" pop up on eBay every so often, plus I've seen a couple of drawings from this one surface at auctions occasionally. I wonder why "Pothead Pete" didn't stick...