Firstly, thanks to all for all of your good wishes. I'm doing okay and have been back to work at a restricted schedule for the past week. My wife, though is still struggling with some side effects of COVID related pneumonia so please keep her in your happy thoughts.

A few notes:

1: Possibly against my better judgement I am restarting the ability to request screenshots, with a few restrictions that hopefully will make it more manageable:
  1. You may only request 3 cartoons at a time.
  2. It must currently be in our archives. (You can tell my the file icon at the upper right corner of the screen. And we're adding more and more every day)
  3. Feature films are currently not allowed. It just takes me too long to do them.
  4. You cannot request screenshots that you yourself have claimed or submitted.

I'm trying to code all of this in so it will work programmatically, but for the meantime I'll be monitoring it manually. So, we'll see how this works out.

2: I am also restarting the ability to request a video if there is one that you would like to do screenshots for. You can request a video from our archives in return for providing the screenshots for it. Once again, you can only do three at a time; one we receive the screenshots for these, you can request three more.

3: One thing I haven't complained about but I'll mention it now is submitting video links. It seems some of you are either submitting the entire URL or simply "v=XXXXXXXXXX." The instructions state "The YouTube link is the 11 character string following "v=" in the URL" so if you could watch out for that it would help out quite a bit.

4: Lastly, any corrections to graphics (screenshots, title cards, etc.) can now be submitted through the corrections interface. Since there are so many things that can go wrong with graphics, just a simple explanation of what is wrong should suffice.

Thanks again!
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