1: If you have any screenshot sets that you were planning on seeing for Halloween, now is the time to get them into me so I have time to get them prepared beforehand. And if you have any that you've already sent in that you think should be saved for Halloween, please let me know. It's also not a bad idea to do the same for any Christmas themed cartoon so I can have those ready as well.

2: I'm going to start culling the researchers list. We have way too many who have signed up but do not contribute anything and it's not fair that they still get researcher benefits. So, if you haven't contributed anything in the past year, you will probably be dropped off the list. If you feel that you should be kept on, please drop me a line.

3: Researchers will start to see graphics contributions (screenshots, title cards, etc.) on their list of daily updates. This is part of a bigger plan to let subscribers see updates on a "real time" basis as opposed to having to wait until the next day to see what's going on. Researchers, of course, will be comped into this system as well.

4: Finally, just a heads up that we're just a few weeks away from another milestone: Number of screenshot sets posted: 6000!

Thanks again for all your hard work! Please make sure I have your current email address for a pleasant surprise come Christmas time!
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