On Saturday morning, I got to go to the first ever "The Columbus Moving Picture Show" held at The Renaissance Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. This took over the long-running Cinevent which ended last fall which I didn't attend due to a minior family emergancy (although, the owners sent me an extra souvenir bookelt after I email them about it). Today was their Annual Animation Program.
The event showed the cartoons as mentioned in this year's program book except for Columbia's "The Tangled Angler" (1941) as the book confused it with another Columbia short, the inferior "Tangled Travels" (1944) which most folks weren't too happy about (myself included). Apparantly, the projector itself didn't seem to like the short either as it sputter a little and stopped working after the short ended. There was a ten minute delay between this and the next short while the staff find a replacement projector bulb. There was another small delay before the last short, but that only lasted a few minutes.

Anyway, here's the line-up:

Bosko the Doughboy (Warners, 1931)

Radio Girl (Terrytoons, 1932)

You Try Somebody Else (Fleischer, 1932)

Two Gun Mickey (Disney, 1934)

The Headless Horseman (Iwerks, 1934)

Bridge Ahoy (Fleischer, 1936)

Tangled Travels (Columbia, 1944)

Rabbit Every Monday (Warners, 1951)

Rock-A-Bye Bear (MGM, 1952)

Barnyard Actor (Terrytoons, 1955)

Overall, a mostly good line-up and I got to meet Steve Stanchfield again (I even showed him one of his Snappy Video tapes that I bought for 50 cents from another vendor). I'm look forward for next year.