M&M Guy
This isn't about racist stuff airing on Boomerang. It's about Boomerang only airing the same stuff over and over again. Why? Are the kids watching it out there realising I've seen this short a billion times! For Pete Sakes! One Froggy Evening (possibly one of Chick Jones' best shorts) doesn't even air anymore. All the shorts are color. I realise Bosko shorter can't air on television , but I'm talking about Porky's b&w cartoons. No Tex Avery cartoons air. Only a boring 70's Droopy airs. No Popeye shorts air either. Why Boomerang, why? Thank God for MeTV.
PopKorn Kat
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This isn't about racist stuff airing on Boomerang.

...have we seen you around here before?
S. C. MacPeter
Again Raresox. You aren’t funny. You may of told me it isn’t you but this is the exact way you tell jokes elsewhere. Can you cut it out?!
Lee B
S.C. MacPeter, I don't think you're trying very hard. Here we go:

A few months ago, JaKlamm90 joined the board. Talked too much about edits and censorship on MeTV, wouldn't learn a lesson, and the moderators banned him.

That nitwit rejoined the board as PercyJackson90, pulled the same stuff, the mods saw it was the same fool using the same IP address, banned him again.

A couple of weeks ago, JaKlamm90 uploaded a bunch of M&M commercials to archive.org. Here's the link:


Now, suddenly, by some outrageous coincidence, we have a new member here calling himself M&M Guy, and doing the same old crap.

See, that didn't take very long, did it?

Okay, this is enough. We're not going to get into this here. Any future accusations or suspicions should be brought to my attention of Popkorn Kat's. This issue is closed.