Looney Turtles
Some of you have probably heard of this by now, but in case you haven't, they just discontinued NickRewind on January 31, 2022. It seems as if adding iCarly (which was already airing on main TeenNick just prior to that) to the block was their way to kill it off. Once they reduced the block to just Rugrats and iCarly, I knew something was up. Then to make it even worse, Rugrats was eventually removed too, leaving only iCarly, aside from one last Hey Arnold marathon.

I know Paramount+ is a thing, but it just won't be the same anymore, plus not everyone has or wants to pay for Paramount+.

Now might be a good time to move some of these old shows to Nicktoons, a channel that has been going downhill for several years now. It could redeem the channel a bit.

What does everyone think?
You might want to sit down. Not a lot of cable channels get Nicktoons, and the parent company doesn't seem to put a lot of faith in it's secondary channel if not enough people are going to tune in to watch it. They would have to do something more with the channel to prevent it from becoming something similar to Boomerang today.

If Nickelodeon were to put more resources into Nicktoons to even the playing field, they would have to do something about it, but personally, I don't see it happening anytime soon unless absolutely necessary.
I made a 3D Movie Maker animation on this subject, with the Nickelodeon boss explaining how cable TV has been losing out to streaming services...