S. C. MacPeter
Fellow IAD user, film collector and skilled mechanic of projectors, along with other machines, especially pinball machines, Ken Layton, has passed away 

I hate to bring down you all, but I enjoyed seeing his presence on FB and here, and felt this would be information other users would want to know. May he rest in peace
May he rest in peace, and my condolences to his family. 66 is far too young...
S. C. MacPeter
Messaging again as while I had no direct communications with Ken, he really does appear to of been fantastic in his love of animation, particularly Paramount ones, and served as a resource on their history to others. My condolences to those lucky to of known him
Ken was instrumental when we first started this site in sending in information about Paramount and Popeye cartoons. He will be sorely missed.
Thanks for the report. Sad to hear of the loss of a fellow IAD member (and former GAC member) and a knowledgable contributor to multiple fields of collecting and preservation including film exhibition technologies and history.