S. C. MacPeter
2 years ago
What's everybody watching for Halloween?

I'm watching manly two cartoons, Toby's Hallowe'en  which I consider the essential Halloween cartoon and The Haunted Ship , a spooky one indeed! It got me curious, what will you all be watching?
2 years ago
I watched The Friendly Ghost 1946 (the first Casper friendly ghost cartoon) and Disney's The Skeleton Dance 1929
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2 years ago
I rewatched the first episode of The Groovie Goolies, The Fat Albert Halloween Special, the two Halloween episodes of Camp Lazlo, and Fright to the Finish (1954). Would've watched more Halloween specials this month if I wasn't already preoccupied revisiting the Naruto anime.
2 years ago
I don't normally watch certain kinds of cartoons "for" certain holidays/seasons; and for me, strange, surreal, and "spooky" cartoons are always especially in fashion!

That said, in considering the lesser-known cartoons I'm familiar with that might befit bringing up in response here, I did end up revisiting some on the 31st...
  • The Male Man (1931) - Primo Talkartoon weirdness here—spooks included.
  • The Herring Murder Case (1931) - This is about as packed with gags as a Fleischer cartoon gets.
  • Hide and Seek (1932) - Also appropriately called "The Greatest Cartoon Ever Made". 
  • The Hot Cha Melody (1935) - If it creeps out John Vincent, it's earned mentioning, though as is usually the case, I find it more funny than "creepy".
  • Little Moth's Big Flame (1938) - But nowhere's creepier in Classic Cartoonland than the inside of Sid Marcus's brain...

Just a few others worth mentioning:
  • I'm Afraid to Go Home in the Dark (1930) - One of the last Fleischer cartoons that Dick Huemer animated, and certainly appropriate for Halloween.
  • Taken for a Ride (1931) - Has gangsters harbored by a graveyard—and its inhabitants.
  • Boo, Boo, Theme Song! (1933) - Plenty of spooky goodness in this Screen Song by the Willard Bowsky unit.
  • Scrappy's Ghost Story (1935) - The Ben Harrison–Manny Gould Scrappy cartoon that everyone except Steve Stanchfield considers a classic.

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