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Now's the time to make your collection of older special sets more complete if there are still some available that you haven't ordered, as who knows when or if they'll be available again. 


Steve Stanchfield wrote:

I'm super looking forward to playing around with the color layers on the Comi-colors. Have just started but haven't brought into resolve yet to start doing rea combinations- it will be much closer to the bottom image above..

Doing concept drawings today of a classic character and really enjoying it!

We've put up 1955 animated feature at the Thunderbean shop for a limited time as special set. 35mm Technicolor and Scope and in beautiful condition.. Have a few cool extras we're scanning for it as well. Looked at the print last night; we really need a scan on this one. Definitely one of the last of these we'll be doing on features- and lots of the special sets will be coming down next week.

Bunches of the special discs have gone out today and more in the coming few days. Hope to have all of this huge batch sent by Monday if possible...