There is a streaming app similar to PLUTO called "Airy TV". [https://live.airy.tv] Both have "live" programming- with a grid- like cable to search. It has been a curious mix. AIRY recently added 4 new channels. One is "WINNIE'S WORLD" it seems to be a "family" channel with cartoons such as- The 60s UPA DICK TRACY cartoon, sometimes in-between a random Bugs Bunny cartoon will pop up- "Baseball Bugs" "Waikiki Rabbit" and "Box Office Bunny" have been shown, a 70s TV show "Nanny And The Professor", and SHOCKINGLY... the 1950 Walt Disney movie CINDERELLA!!! has been shown over and over. (The channel tag line is "A dream is a wish your heart makes.") The print had a more recent blue Disney logo- but had an older, 35mm film-look and was presented "widescreen" with top and bottom chopped off. I can't believe that was shown on this little indy streaming service! I did some research and found this link about those channels: [https://www.idreamitv.com/home]. Not only did it list CINDERELLA-- It also LISTS as upcoming the original Disney SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS and SLEEPING BEAUTY!!! Can these be legal showings? With many of these type of channels there is no SCHEDULE to know what is upcoming. (The grid just says "Winnie's World") You have to just keep checking back to see what is on next. Kind of like treasure hunting. And there is some if you dig!
PopKorn Kat
This...doesn't sound legal. With how conservative Disney is these days with licensing their stuff out to broadcast outlets, I seriously doubt they authorized this.

I have a question: were the copies of the Looney Tunes shorts you saw recognizably Golden/Platinum Collection prints?
>>>I have a question: were the copies of the Looney Tunes shorts you saw recognizably Golden/Platinum Collection prints?

They were notably crisp. Looked nothing like public domain prints.

In the world of streaming TV... there is quite a bit of questionable stuff being shown out there.
I saw this mentioned in another post:

>>>I once saw a print of the 1982 reissue on eBay. The film was cropped into a non-
>>>anamorphic "scope" format and had the early-1980s Buena Vista logo at the front.

I believe that is the type of print they are showing. It has the 1980s blue Buena VIsta logo and is shown cropped to widescreen.
I'm looking at Cinderella right now... the quality looks like an upscaled VHS rip. Clearly not even remotely legal.
Can't believe the number of Warner Brothers cartoons that have just started appearing on these various "live" streaming services this past month. Prior to this- it has been mainly endless public domain stuff. Now these same outlets are showing such titles as "Ballot Box Bunny", "Rabbit Hood" "Hareway to the Stars" "Beanstalk Bunny" and "Transylvania 6-5000"- in a variety of print quality and aspect ratios. The best being razor sharp "pillar box" original aspect ratio with nothing missing top or bottom. (Full "ears and feet"!) Other ones look fuzzy 3rd generation tape and are altered to fit the rectangular modern screen. With the HBO and Me-TV deals- I can't imagine these are being licensed to these little "Kartoon Carnival" streaming shows. I do remember back in the 70s that WB toons were on many local stations. MH
I caught another DISNEY offering today on a streaming channel- "Funnybone" from [simultv.com] They showed the "Headless Horseman" section of Disney's ICHABOD AND MR. TOAD. As an in-between "filler" type segment after a movie. Processed to look widescreen- but looked pretty good.