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Steve Stanchfield wrote:


A ton of the last set of special discs have gone over these past handful of days- with almost all of the rest with Dave as he gets though postage on them. Looking forward to Rainbow Parades coming back in the coming days as we finish off the booklet and back of the package.

Becca has been working overtime on dubbing, organizing and packing all this stuff, while Dave and Becky have been taking care of all the Amazon orders along with organizing and printing all the shop orders.

The Snappy Video "Bury Me an Angel" is now finished and we'll be dubbing the pre-orders tomorrow and Monday. I've been getting a lot of emails wanting the title, so we've put it up in the shop, noting that the last reel is from a standard def source. It's limited to 100 copies beyond the original pre-order. We'll ship this week along with a few other things.

In the 'Special Discs' section, we've put up 'The other 1940 Feature' since we were lucky and able to get the scan in the last few days- so if you missed that one it's there for a week or two right now.

Finally, there's also a new 'Special' set- Lost and Found! It's a BDR disc of things I've come across on the cartoon parade reels, stuff I've bought and forgot I had, and other cool things. The stacks you see on the table there are the other films we're about to scan-- some for special sets, some for this one! Black and White things, IB technicolor prints, Ansco, Kodachrome, complete, incomplete... but I bet all stuff you've either never seen or wanted to!

I'll be headed on the rod trip again to get this next batch entirely done as well as do some Tom and Jerrys, some things for More Technicolor Dreams and Aesop's Fables. Aesops is getting closer to done...

All of these are at the Thunderbean shop- and sales will help cover all that postage from this week and scanning! Thanks to everyone for your support through these years... it's a small but nighty group of collectors here.