Steve Stanchfield
Hi everyone,

I hope to be over here a lot more than I have- sorry to not be here for a while. If you folks have any questions about anything I'm always happy to answer as well. We've been working on tons of things and I'm really enjoying watching sets get finished right now...

Thanks all,

What's the status of the stop-motion "Alice in Wonderland" set?
PopKorn Kat
Originally Posted by: nickramer 

What's the status of the stop-motion "Alice in Wonderland" set?

I assume you're referring to the Lou Bunin set. Thunderbean Animation has recently put up a page describing the process of their sets . That set is currently "in progress".
S. C. MacPeter
A different type of question but I'd like to ask, how are the pets?
is there any status updates on the "Flip the Frog' set , which I purchased a long , long time ago?
Steve Stanchfield
The pets are doing just fine! I'm hoping to spend some time with them today and stuff around the house gets done. I finished a master on a new title and found something small I want to fix, so I'll be doing that today surrounded by cats and at least one dog (who like to hang out with me...)

Flip is coming along really beautifully. It's been the longest in continuous progress, mostly waiting for materials. I'm hoping to have it out in June or July if we're able!

The Alice/ Bunin set requires some things from MoMa, and that's been a long time coming. The big goal is to have *all* the things on our list done this year. You can see that list on the 'Thunderbean status page' at We try to update it pretty regularly. Many titles are getting close to being done right now and have less issues than trying to finish Rainbow Parades (just done) or Flip had. Flip still has a few things that we're trying to get done, and, honestly, it's been super expensive- so each time we get scans I have to gulp like Flip and find the pennies!

It's good to see you around here again, Steve.

Are you going to return to posting announcements for new special sets here, or will I need to continue doing it?
Noah Bossier
HEY Steve I love how you peserve animation history and your dedication to the history of the medium. I want to let you know some things that you may be intrested in scanning. the British Film Institute has a rare 35mm color nitrate negative of the lost Snuffy Smith Noveltoon "Spree For All" produced in Cinecolor. This short was lost for many years until David Gerstein found the french Black & White print of the short. BFI also has a Polacolor Nitrate negative of the Noveltoon "Flip Flap" which as far as I know was the only noveltoon made in Polacolor. Both would be good additions to the updated Noveltoons Blu Ray Set. While access is restricted to preserve the elements. You could possibly make a negotiation to access them to scan these films digitally. Just giving you a heads up tip. I placed both of the links below. BTW speaking of Flip Flap a Black and White print with original titles was found with the orginal title card as well(image on the bottom)