S. C. MacPeter
Earlier today, I went to check the schedule for Toon In With Me, but it seems their doing something different, some kinda special documenting some pretty bad cartoons? The choices are all pretty poor, the worst Jones cartoon, Bugs Bunny cartoon, overall worst WB cartoons, & the worst Fliescher Popeye all getting a spot. The most interesting part isn't quite the cartoon choices, it's the fact this is a special. Could this mean more specials are on the way? UserPostedImage
Including one of the censored eleven, no less! Amazing. Could it be an evidence that they'll release all of them soon through WAC? mmmmm.... it's a possibility.
I always come to TTTP in Exile in the hope of finding news about Warner announcing Tex Avery Collection.
Seeing a Censored 11 short on that schedule has me very skeptical. With today being April Fool's Day, perhaps we should keep an eye on the schedule and see if any changes are made.

Worst case scenario, this is just an April Fools joke and the schedule will be changed tomorrow. Best case scenario, it is legit, but said Censored 11 cartoon will be replaced by another cartoon.

Given all the real world events that have happened over this past year alone, I highly doubt an over-the-air network a lot of people receive for free will make such a bold move in airing a cartoon that has been considered politically incorrect for far longer than I have even been alive.