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Jerry Beck has just posted on Cartoon Research  about how a print of an unreleased 1969 Warner Bros.-Seven Arts theatrical cartoon short has been unearthed! It doesn't star Cool Cat or Merlin the Magic Mouse or Norman Normal or Rapid Rabbit… it doesn't feature the Keystone Cops or Puff the Magic Dragon or any of those new characters Warner Bros. Animation was developing like the Jolly Roger or the Super Snooper… it instead stars Buddy! Yes, the very same Buddy that starred in the "Looney Tunes" series from 1933 to 1935!
You see, in addition to creating more new characters for their theatrical output, WBA wanted to bring back at least one old character, but not one of the really popular ones; instead they opted to experiment with bringing back one of their really old and obscure characters, in this case, Buddy, to try and liven things up more before the studio closed. One Buddy cartoon went through full production before the closure, and among that happening Warner Bros. (now no longer WB-Seven Arts) had a change of plans and chose not to release it. I would assume it was originally going to be released after "Injun Trouble," but no references containing possible release information was found.
The Looney Tunes-series cartoon is titled "Buddy's Wild Ride," and is directed by Robert McKimson and features Larry Storch voicing Buddy and everybody else; Storch provides a decent falsetto for Buddy. The story, by Cal Howard, involves Buddy going car shopping and ending up with a fancy sports vehicle that he can hardly control! Buddy looks pretty similar to how he appeared in the Animaniacs episode he appeared in, albeit with his eye pupils not as big. The animation is in the same somewhat limited style as the other Seven Arts-era cartoons (a drastic departure from the 1930s Buddy cartoons), Bill Lava's music is in the same twangy style, and it has the same limited mix of Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. sound effects (an automobile crash is done by playing that H-B "smash against wall" sound twice in a row!)
Definitely worth a look, even if you despise Buddy or the Seven Arts era! I apologize if this causes any nightmares!
A part of me actually wanted this, so people could rage for whatever reason there is besides "Buddy bad"