Steve Stanchfield wrote:

We are on somewhat of a roll right now, and trying hard to get out the things we've had long in production.

This morning we were able to access a bunch of prints, now loaded for the trip! I got the nitrate materials out of the storage as well and am excited to get the scans done this week. We're scanning 4k on all the nitrates. I'm hoping to leave at some point tomorrow- likely the morning. Dave, Becky and Becca have been doing a great job helping get all the stuff out the door. We just managed to get *all* the pre-orders done and almost everything shipped last week and into this one.

So, now that those are all out: two special sets with things that have been waiting here to get scans!

From the Thunderbean side of things: Funny Bunnies- features classic cartoons that have rabbits in them- all new scans from 35mm and 16mm prints, including old Technicolor prints including a few real surprises!

And, from Snappy Video: The Snappy Video Party Disc, volume 2, featuring 'Paris, ohh-La-La (1963) another fun collection of oddball ‘party’ films that used to make the rounds in film collector circles and the feature -length ‘Paris Ohh-La-La (1963)’ from a rare 35mm print.

Both are available at the Thunderbean shop as of now ( but you folks know that already! Thanks to all of you that support these things. You're really making each one of these happen- and even though it's a long trip, I'm coming back with more scans than I've ever done in a few days!