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Two animation oriented Stu's Show programs in a row, tonight is when Arnold Leibovit will be on the show (hopefully Stu will take e-mails which he didn't do the last show due to pre-recording the program), with the description on the website:

"Arnie has spent the majority of his adult life celebrating and preserving the work of stop action animation legend George Pal, who, following a long career making Puppetoons, went on to direct such classic live action films as "The War of the Worlds", "Tom Thumb", and the original "Time Machine". Arnie, as a child, idolized Pal, was able to meet his mentor, and even went on to executive produce the remake of "The Time Machine" in 2002. Arnie is an expert on everything George Pal, and has two masterful feature films and an excellent documentary under his belt to show for it - "The Puppetoon Movie", the brand new "Puppetoon Movie 2", and the award-winning "The Fantasy Worlds of George Pal". We'll get Arnie's full history as well as George Pal's own history, we'll have tons of clips from both Arnie's and Pal's work, and we'll also screen a couple of fully-restored Puppetoons! Animation fans are not going to want to miss this!" 

I'll post the show for the 17th once the Stu's Show site gets updated late tonight/early tomorrow morning.
Aw, I missed it. Next time please mention this during the beginning of the week, although, I'm sure Jerry will mention the next show earlier (I assume he's the next guest).
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Aw, I missed it. Next time please mention this during the beginning of the week, although, I'm sure Jerry will mention the next show earlier (I assume he's the next guest).

Okay, I will do (sorry I didn't give ample notice this time around), and this show will be up on the archives very soon in case you did miss it (it might also be on Vimeo as well for free, I'll let you know if it is and if so I'll post a link to it).
Okay, as promised for the show for March 17th (St. Patrick's Day), two guests for the price of one:

"Jerry is back for his first visit of 2021...and he's brought along a friend...the owner/operator of Thunderbean Video, Steve Stanchfield! We'll talk with Steve and get a brief history of Thunderbean as well as the process he uses to restore hundreds of classic cartoons that the major studios have little or no interest in doing. Jerry will have the latest news in feature animation, streaming, and the latest scoops on cartoon books, television, and home video. We'll also be screening three classic cartoons and we just might celebrate St. Patrick's Day while doing so, plus we'll read your e-mails!" 
Today is the day if you have any questions or comments for Jerry Beck and/or for Steve Stanchfield, send them via e-mail. Keep them brief and to the point and don't mention when something is coming out. A brief warning that there will be discussion on "Cancel Culture" once again from an animation standpoint, so keep that in mind.

Here's the link to listen live once the show starts at 4 pm PDT/7 pm EDT: 
And here we go! Cold opening to start the show.

Stu mentioning Arnold Leibovit's Puppetoon 2 ad (and I think you can still get the code "Stu" at checkout to save $5). Hoping Arnold raises enough money to get Puppetoon 3.

Now talking about "Cancel Culture" and Pepe Le Pew, among others.
Looks like Stu is not using the theme music anymore coming out of the commercial break but using clips as a return from commercial.

Now into streaming (too many names with + except for HBO Max).

Jerry's returning August 4th! (2nd to last show of the season).

It's All In The Mind Volume 2 is being plugged, Jerry highly recommends it, also the Spider Man book referencing to TV (first season only and yes I did manage to watch that show in reruns), as well as Raya and the Last Dragon (which was one of the feature films shown on the show today).
Steve Stanchfield coming up next! And wow I didn't know that Warner Bros made a deal with King Features regarding to Popeye.

There's some word that MeTV may get more cartoon restorations in the future and that Jerry will be on (possibly in May) to do the Bugs Bunny tribute.
We know that the Warner Archive is starting to work on a Tex Avery volume 3. Did he say anything about that?
Home video news:

Only thing Jerry can say is Warner Archive continues, George Feltenstein is still involved, new Blu-Ray set with cover being done, somewhere around June-December (maybe, don't know about Tex Avery 3 but it's possible)
Nothing much on other studios

New on Thunderbean
Steve Stanchfield says he's working on the history of animation disc set for two years with important gaps (no copyright issues with which content to show), multi-disc up to the late 60s, sometime in 2022

Stu claims he gets a cease and desist letter from time to time (until the video collection), happened to Steve Stanchfield as well

Willie Whopper and Flip The Frog are a work in progress for upgrades although they did come out, Rainbow Parade same thing

Cartoon Corner up now (with today being St. Patrick's Day, cartoons relating to that day).
S. C. MacPeter
Jerry mentioned in passing their next mainline cartoon blu ray at Warner Archive is on the way and a cover has been made by Stephen DeStefano (who did the Popeye and Avery covers)
S. C. MacPeter
Jerry returns on August 4th, we also heard Japanese Lanterns presented with it's full original que for the first time!
We're into the e-mail segment now and there are a lot of them that are being read tonight. Sometimes these promises of trying to do a show in under 3 hours just doesn't deliver given how much news there is to cover, and we could possibly hit 4 hours tonight.
S. C. MacPeter
The man behind the photoshopped titles has been caught and has been "talked too"
For those interested, here some rare stuff that was shown:

First, throughout the show and ending the commercial breaks, Stu ran the following old ads:
CBS Saturday Morning Cartoon Promo from the mid-60's
Woody Woodpecker for Rice Krispies
Soakies featuring Goofy and Pluto
Mighty Mouse for Suger Crisp
Bugs Bunny's Kool Aid A-Go-Go

Now the following for Jerry's Cartoon Corner, courtesy of Steve Stanchfield:

"The Lady Said 'No'" (UA, 1946)- Complete in Color!
"Japanese Lanterns" (Van Beuren, 1935)
"The Wee Men" (Famous Studios, 1947)
If any of you missed the show or wasn't able to tune in the whole thing, the show is now available in the archives for download in both audio and video formats, with the total time being 259 minutes. If you're a VIP you can get this for free as long as you contribute $5/$10 per month (10 free audio for $5, 22 for $10, and free video) and if you haven't become one yet I'd urge you to do so. 
All of this Archive news is promising, REALLY PROMISING!!!

Especially someone handling that title photoshopper. Whoever it was thank you! 🙂
Originally Posted by: S. C. MacPeter 

The man behind the photoshopped titles has been caught and has been "talked too"

Well, gee, only took them a full year. But then, Warner is a huge conglomerate, so it must be really hard to track down one dude sitting around and messing up titles in Photoshop.