1: COMPLETED - Ability to add comments to series entries.
2: Page to compare cartoons on different video releases.
3: COMPLETED - Index of Title Cards.
4: ABANDONED: Ability to add captions to screenshots
5: COMPLETED - Break up entries page into separate pages (main, screenshots, extras, etc.) for quicker loading.
6: COMPLETED: Ability to link artists and characters to art gallery entries.
7: COMPLETED: Art Gallery pages for specific artists and characters.
8: Ability to create watch list to be informed when an entry has been updated.
9: COMPLETED: Add Notes entry to studios updates screen.
10: COMPLETED: Add notes column to broadcasters.
11: COMPLETED: Add Video titles and Music titles to advanced search.
12: COMPLETED: Alphabetize Awards and Music
13: ABANDONED: Set up subscriber/researcher archive page. (I honestly can't remember what I was referring to when I listed this!)
14: Ability to add second set of video commentary.
15: COMPLETED: Merge commentators list with artists list; show video comments tracks on artist page.
16: COMPLETED: Show when screenshots have already been requested.
17: COMPLETED: Add awards tab to artists page.
18: COMPLETED: The series should be displayed below the title of the cartoon on the indexes: screenshots, posters, title cards, drafts, streaming video.
19: Set up Awards page.
20: ABANDONED: List videos chronologically. (Unfortunately, this would require a complete reworking of all video listings as well as the entry interface to make this plausible.
21: Set up tabs on video/manufacturers page for different formats.
22: Set up editing interface for videos.
23: SEE NO. 11: Skimming through the forum posts, I was wondering if someone had mentioned reworking the music listings. Unfortunately, with the current setup it's rather difficult to find songs: not only is the list not in alphabetical order, but there's no way to search artists, song titles, etc. Additionally, it seems the system doesn't check for identically named entries, so I've seen a few duplicates pass through.
23: Install system to temporarily upload video graphics.
24: Install system to temporarily upload screenshots.
25: Install system to find titles reissued under a different name.
Projex list has been updated.
The Projex list has been updated, hopefully with everything that I've culled from the various suggestion threads. If I missed anything, please let me know.
The Projex list has been updated.
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