Frank Tashlin's live action films - Forum.
I just HAVE to tell all of you to go and watch Frank Tashlin's films. Live action, that is.

I grew up strictly with Tashlin's animated work, but I dived into his features when I bought the Martin and Lewis DVDs back in the 2010s. The first movie of his I watched was Artists and Models - a 90 minute Porky and Daffy cartoon with Martin and Lewis playing their roles. This one was GREAT, but you know what's even better? Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter. THAT one had a phenomenal twist ending.

The comparisons to his cartoons will NOT be slim. The whole "character opening film in front of curtain" bit that Tashlin used in Porky's Romance (1937) was used again ("Hollywood or Bust" (1956)), again ("Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?" (1957)), and again ("Rock a Bye Baby" (1958)). There's a pea gag in Artists and Models (1956) that is heavily reminiscent of the pea gag from I Got Plenty of Mutton (1944). But either way, these things are real treats.

These films are just full of cartoon-y gags and things that Tashlin just LOVED to do. Highly recommended for any fan of films.