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Steve Stanchfield wrote:

Tommy's Dinky Doodle project will be great- I've seen some of the prints from the set; really nice!

On the last day of the year, I managed to get out the last of the ones going out of the country! There's a little stack of things from after Christmas, but other than that we're caught up!

Scans for 1950 and other stuff come back this week- and we're also finishing the master on 'More Stop Motion Marvels'. Rainbow is on deck next and nearly there. Cartoon Animals is all scanned, and a few more Tom and Jerrys and some for 'Cartoon Bad Guys'.

I wanted to be all caught up before putting this up. There's a new 'Special' disc- 'Cartoon Resolutions'- a BD-R with 16 cartoons- and some really cool animated 'daters'. This one will probably be only available in the pre-order- so limited copies. 

Sadly, postage isn't free on on this one for those that have ordered before (Christmas postage was a lot).