PopKorn Kat
3 years ago
The 1925-1929 Winkler-produced Krazy Kat shorts are an endless source of fascination for me for several reasons, not the least being that so few of them survive. Today's inquiry is about a 1925 entry - “Bokays and Brickbatz”. The only copy out there is on Inkwell Images’ Kinomatic Krazy Kat Kartoon Klassics. Does more than one print of this short exist out there? Pointer’s print has several fake irises peppered throughout the short, and that’s a telltale sign something was cut. Specifically, the irises appear at the very start (Krazy cursing a mouse, who proceeds to spit at him), before the final scene (the mice jumping off the cliff into the water), and the final scene (Krazy turning on the shower, only for mice to emerge from the faucet).

(As a side note, “Feather Pushers” was definitely edited for the Inkwell Images set. In fact, during the introduction to the two Winkler/Nolan entries on the disc, you can see footage from “Feather Pushers” that’s on Huntley’s print, but not on the Inkwell Images one.)
S. C. MacPeter
2 years ago
I'm aware this is a year old post and you most likely got an answer from someone else, but seeing this trying to look up stuff on Winkler here I figured I would try to answer:

From my understanding, "Bokays and Brickbatz" was sourced from an already cutdown home release called "Krazy Kat's Mouse Trap", of which more prints of the home release most likely circulate, though I haven't seen one. It's not even "Bokays", I was told that it's actually a different first season Winkler, "Mouse Trapped". The other big error I should point out is neither release was under Paramount; Nolan era Krazys were released under BFO. Other cuts were made in the set too as you pointed out with "Feather Pushers", including "A Tale that is a Knot"

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