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I see on my Directv onscreen guide that for the four day Thanksgiving weekend, the Boomerang channel is going completely retro, featuring golden age shorts and Hanna Barbera shows.

Off the top of my head, I remember seeing across the guide:
Looney Tunes
Tom and Jerry
Famous Studio Popeyes (All titles listed were from the 40's, perhaps the recently remastered versions)
Huckleberry Hound
Yogi Bear
Top Cat
Josie and the Pussycats
Magilla Gorilla
and maybe some others like Jonny Quest?
Slowly I Turn
Thank you for posting this. I rarely look at Boomerang anymore and likely would have missed it. Curious that Yogi, Huck, and Magilla are listed in 15 minute segments on the Direct TV guide. Too much time for one cartoon, not enough for two. Hopefully that is not right and gets updated. I would really like it if it included the supporting cartoons and not just Yogi, etc. Although I have seen all of these dozens of times and have the DVDs I'll likely watch or DVR a lot of this. It would be awesome if they feel it is successful enough to maybe commit some time to these going forward, even if it is just once a month or bringing back the Boomerang Zoo.

Finally, this gives me some hope maybe they will bring back the Christmas specials they used to show during December.