My market got MeTV+ also. But it's a digital sub-channel in 480p only. At least the main channel is 720p. I like the replay of Toon In With Me at 11pm, as I'm rarely up to catch the morning broadcast. After midnight they air a 2 hour block of "Comedy Classics" feature Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy and Little Rascals. The rest of the programming seems to be a lot of Hawaii Five-O, Mission Impossible, maybe some more westerns, stuff like that.

We also got RewindTV recently, but it doesn't offer much of any interest, just concentrates most of the (relatively) newer shows that were already playing on AntennaTV. Would be nice if they would consider airing animation somewhere also.
Just caught my first "Sunday Night Cartoons" on MeTV+. It's a 3 hour block, but unlike Saturday Morning Cartoons they don't group anything, all the different libraries are just jumbled together for the entire block. A little lite on DFE and no non-Popeye Fleischer. There is little or nothing in the way of bumpers. I didn't setup to DVR it, but I only get the new channel in 480i. But I jotted down the cartoons shown this week:

1. Hare Remover / Bugs Bunny
2. Claws For Alarm / Porky and Sylvester
3. The Impossum Possum / Barney Bear
4. Bride and Gloom / Popeye (AAP)
5. The Hungry Wolf / MGM Harman
6. Cheese Chasers / Merrie Melody w/Hubie and Bertie
7. Pink Punch / Pink Panther
8. Officer Pooch / MGM Hanna-Barbera
9. King of the Mardi Gras / Popeye
10. A Feud There Was / Merrie Melody w/Egghead/Elmer Fudd
11. Designs On Jerry / Tom and Jerry
12. Highway Runnery / Road Runner and Wyle E. Coyote
13. The Paneless Window Washer / Popeye
14. Mother Was a Rooster / Foghorn Leghorn
15. The Stork's Holiday / MGM Gordon
16. Feedin' The Kiddie / Tom and Jerry
17. Dog Gone People / Elmer Fudd
18. Smile Pretty Say Pink / Pink Panther
Lee B
The restored version of Porky's Garden that ran this morning only underscored how awful the flickery shaky version on the Porky 101 set was by comparison. What a difference. Glad to see some of these restorations are finding a home somewhere.
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Late-August/September housekeeping (but first, a note from July)

Saturday July 24 -

The Little Mole airs with the black doll on the Doctor's contraption blurred out in each shot it appears in.

Saturday August 21 -

Opening pan of King of the Mardi Gras is shortened to remove the shots of a guy in possible blackface (I always assumed he was just wearing some sort of costume). The iris effect they added in doesn't completely line up with the original and you can still see some of the original shot underneath the shortened one. This aired uncut back in February.

Saturday August 31 -

The aforementioned newspaper edit in Hurdy-Gurdy Hare (they accidentally left a frame or two unaltered). This aired uncut back in May (see prior post).

Saturday September 4 -

Goggle Fishing Bear airs in HD. Same quality control issues as with most of the new MGM transfers.

Mexican Cat Dance airs restored

Wednesday September 8 -

Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears airs unedited. The shot below was previously removed in May

Toy Town Hall airs restored

Saturday September 11 -

Mouse Mazurka airs restored

Thursday September 16 -

The Foxy Duckling airs restored

Friday September 17 -

The Bee-Deviled Bruin airs restored

Thursday September 23 -

The greatest cartoon ever made airs for the third time.

Friday September 24 -

What's My Lion airs unrestored. Whichever transfer was given to MeTV is slightly different than the transfer used by Boomerang. It's still in standard definition and the picture is still positioned too close to the bottom of each frame, but there's much less of a yellow tint than usual and there's some interlacing present. If I had to guess, this might be a PAL transfer that's been converted to NTSC.

Saturday September 25 -

Good Noose and Quentin Quail air restored
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MeTV is going to air Woody Woodpecker! They showed him during the 'Next time' part.
Lee B
The promo for Tuesday 10/19 showed a clip of Woody Woodpecker, so it looks like they’ve added some new stuff.

(Edit…Fox types faster than I do. )
S. C. MacPeter
Their showing Pantry Panic tomorrow. It’s the one Public Domain Woody short, so don’t expect him showing up in other cartoons, until Universal makes some sorta agreement. Not sure if it will air in the SD or HD master
That is true, but if the episode becomes successful enough, I could see Universal making an agreement of some kind.

Also, the colors seem to remind me of the SD master, from The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection. Still, it's quite surprising to find the Woodpecker getting a shot on MeTV, despite the cartoon being in the public domain.
S. C. MacPeter
Universal doesn't care enough about Woody, besides, their usually protective of their classic library of animation beyond what is right for them. It is the DVD copy (surprised considering the overly red HD copy is out there) upon a further look. So, expect PD stuff to join the line up
I mean, PD material is nothing new, since Toon in with Me has aired zero Popeye cartoons from the 1950s outside of thkse from the public domain. We'll see what happens tomorrow, and how the verdict is shown towards for what is necessary for the cartoons going forward.
Is anyone getting an issue with a local insertion being spliced DURING A CARTOON? I doubt anyone besides myself is getting it, but please reply if you had that issue.

Anywho, they re-aired Hare Ribbin, the scene where the dog commits suicide is still intact, as to be expected.
Other cartoons include:
● Porky's Five & Ten (Warner Bros)
● Surf-Bored Cat (MGM/VA)
● Pantry Panic (Lantz)
● Woolen Under Where (Warner Bros)

The Pantry Panic copy is the same one found on the Woody Woodpecker and Friends collection set on DVD. I'll let you people explain the rest about this outcome.