Looking for these shorts: Rare educational Disney + A Fiew quick facts - Forum.
Hello everyone!

I'm searching for the following shorts:

Disney educational cartoons:

- Jet propulsion
- Treasures from the sea
- What should I do series: lunch money
- Water, friend or enemy (I need a better quality)
- Hookworm (I need a better quality)
- Environmental sanitation (I need better quality)
- Bathing time ( by Johnson & Johnson) (I need a better quality)
- Hold your horsepower (I need a better quality)
- Light is what you make it (better quality and no audio for 10 seconds)
- The right spark plug in the right place (audio not in sync)

I'm looking for these Educationals shorts starring Jiminy Cricket:

Jiminy Cricket - Iā€™m No Fool Series:
I'm No Fool ... In a Car
I'm No Fool ... In an Emergency
I'm No Fool ... In Unsafe Places
I'm No Fool ... In Unsafe Places II
I'm No Fool ... On Wheels
I'm No Fool ... With Safety at School

Jiminy Cricket - The Nature Of things Series:
Cansdale (10/27/55)
The Black Bear (12/28/55)
The Prairie Dog (12/29/55)
The King of Beasts (12/30/55)
Animal Champions (10/13/55)
The Bee (10/31/56)
Alaskan Sled Dog (11/02/56)
The Mountain Lion (12/24/56)
The Beaver (1962)
The Buffalo (1962)
The Coyote (1962)
The Giraffe (1963)
The Horse (1964)
The African Babboon

Jiminy Cricket - Encyclopedia Series:
Cork and Wheelwright (11/01/56)
Milk (11/26/56)
Tuna (12/27/56)
Railroads (2/19/57)
Steel (4/26/57)
Uranium Hunt (10/30/57)
Cormorant Fishing (12/27/57)
Roaring Midgets (1/20/58)
Shipyards (1/20/58)
The Lobster Story (1/20/58)
Shooting the Rapids (1/20/58)

And last but not least I'm searching for A fiew quick facts/Private Snafu shorts
- venereal disease
- G.I. Bill of rights
- USS Iowa/Brain/Shoes
- Japan

I have a lot of digital educational, WWII, Disneyland/Wonderful World of Color episodes, documentaries, rare TV Special, books and a lot of other things about animation (not only Disney, but also Hanna-Barbera, Pink Panther, Peanuts, Looney Tunes etc.. etc...).
If anybody wants to trade please contact me!

So far I found one of the A Few Quick Facts shorts, "Japan".

A Few Quick Facts "Japan" 

I can try and find more if you want.
Hello Chocolate! Thank you very much for finding Japan. I searched in all the web but I couldn't find it.

Yes please, if you can find (or already have them), it will be highly appreciated šŸ™‚
Originally Posted by: chocolate 

So far I found one of the A Few Quick Facts shorts, "Japan".

A Few Quick Facts "Japan" 

I can try and find more if you want.

That is one intense short.
Update: I don't search the "I'm no fool" shorts, but I still search everything else