After several months of neglect, I'm back! This'll be my last discussion, however - I've decided that it's better off if somebody else took over with more of a sense of responsibility than I, and I've already talked to Patrick/Eutychus about this. Anyhoo, on with the discussion!

Name: The Automatic Moving Company
Release: c. 1912
Country: France
Producer: Romeo Bossetti, sometimes attributed to Emil Cohl
Synopsis: Furniture unloads itself from a horseless wagon into the new residence of a Mr. I.M. Tired.

This is an incredible little film I've known about for quite some time. I can't help but marvel at the quality of the stop-motion animation here, quite impressive for its time, and still holds up today as an astonishing picture. Simply astounding for 1912 or whenever this was actually released. It'd be cool to know how the heck this was pulled off...
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