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Hi guys,

I wanted to promote my Patreon page on here. It’s linked to my Cartoon Research page, but I’ve mostly promoted it on Facebook and Twitter. For those who might not have either of those, I’m sure you’d like to see.

$3 Patrons will be able to see exclusive animator breakdown videos that have not been profiled on Cartoon Research, and if you pledge $5, you will be able to see sneak peeks on different restorations I am involved. The $5 tier will also include different cartoons, offered for one week, presented in HD.

Just a couple days ago, I’ve introduced a new $10 tier that offers two exclusive animator breakdown videos, that will be up for one week only. Chances are these might be future posts on Cartoon Research, so here’s your chance to get a first look at who-animated-what in Truant Officer Donald and my favorite, Duck Pimples.