Some good news for people who care about those shorts! In a few month’s time, WB will release a complete set of the Daffy and Speedy pairings from 1965-1968, even if it should’ve happened during the later days of the Super Stars discs. The set, set to be titled “Daffy and Speedy: An Odd Pairing” will have 33 shorts, composing all of those pairings.

From the press release I was given, the blurb appears to indicate it as a kid-friendly release, talking about how unique the pairing is. Also, asides from a single short (A Haunting We Will Go) the set will be unremastered, but is obviously going to be better quality than what surfaced online in the past.

The set will be released a few months after the Golden Carrot Collection double-dip set is out, keeping the pace after two themed sets with (mostly) double-dipped content.
Ian L.
I see what you did there.
It's only March 31 11:49 P.M. here in Columbus. Still, too early for these tired jokes.
Hey, let's hope "Fiesta Fiasco" gets a much better print than that darkened tinted PAL print that's been airing on Boomerang and circulating online for several years now! Hopefully something akin to my attempt at restoring the cartoon...

Yeah, I know 😛
PopKorn Kat
...something tells me this joke will never, ever die out.
The camera trucks out to reveal [bugs2] is looking at this thread in a newspaper, sitting on a plushy carrot chair.

[bugs2]: Ehh, *chomps on carrot* nobody is fooled by anything related to you two on April Fools' Day anymore, ain't dat right?

[daffy] (reading a Duck Twacy comic book on the couch): Well, considering the GACksters wasted tons of bandwidth talking about us, to the point where on one April Fools' Day they even became the Daffy-Speedy Trading Post ...

[speedy] (further away, sitting inside a computer filled with ideas for [daffy][speedy]-related threads and pranks, roasting cheese over a campfire...using a stick comprised of two yardsticks...and the campfire in question being a small flame on [daffy]'s tail...social distancing, after all!): If nothing else, the tradition became muy cheesy a long time ago.
Originally Posted by: PopKorn Kat 

...something tells me this joke will never, ever die out.

Except I did it as serious as possible here.
Pokey J.Anti-Blockhead
Bugs and Speedy would have been just as bad. Odd pairing, and they made th e two bitter rivals..no Sylvester, since theaters liked Daffy more, in the southwest, near where those cartoons were set befpore Daffy [daffy] entered the picture ... THankfully Busg wasn't used in those low budget fests, but thanfully as well the higher budget stuff he was to be used for back then didn't involve basketball or something..:)
It truly was a odd time and a odd pairing.