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If any of you watch YouTube and watch the Felix';s. you';ll note a lot are heavily truncated, even dubbed in foreign language. Strange, given it's English Language (not just America even more England, and co-creator Pat Sullivan's native Australia!)

(Merci Beaucoups to TVTropes.com for titles, they put almost all but I added a title a week ago)

The ones no longer (in general) in English

And MANY are edited to THREE MINUTES,(though even in full, no intermission, no Jack Mercer intoning what''ll happen to Felix, though the end "Righty O" title is on almost all of them, in English even on otherwise foreign prints! 🙂 I've indicated those titles with *.

With Poindexter costarring:
The Pep Pill
The Strongest Robot in the World*
Stairway to the Stars
The Milky Way
The Super Rocket Formula (only Master Cylinder/Martin the Martian one that's missing in English)

Two of the three with rancher Bart and misunderstood, aptly named grizzly bear Big Brownie:
Big Brownie (the one TVTROPES.com forgot to add)
Felix and Poindexter Out West
(the other is in English: Out West with Big Brownie)

These with the Professor and Rockbottom:
A Treasure Chest (with Felix's great granfather's ghost)*
The Lovesick Squirt Gun)*
Mercury's Winged Sandals (with the Maharahaj)
The Diamond Tree
The Coal Diamonds
The Golden Whale Babysitter (with Captain, and gold giving "golden" whale)
The Ski Jump
Adventures of Felix (Golfing Game/)(with Flim Flam, Felix's pet Flamingoi.Awww.:)))
The Weather Changer (a departure due to Rockbottom trying a device on Felix, the Professor's Weather changer)*
The Rajah's Zoo (with the Rajah)
Luring the Magic Bag of Tricks
Felix the Handyman
The Uranium Discovery*
The Instant Truck Melter*

All of the following Four Bad Genie ones
Felix the Cat Finds a Genie
The Genie
The Bad Genie
Felix the Cat Bottles the Genie
(the second and third aren't on YT even dubbed..so I forget if Rock and Professor even are in this.>)

And these with Professor and Rock Bottom and the characters below:

The remaining two (besides, The Leprechaun, King of the Leprechauns, The Capturing of the Leprechaun King, all of which exist online in English)
Barney King of Leprechaun (Gold Harp)
Leprechaun GOld from Rain

And the three with Sniffer, Felix's hound:
The Loan Business
The Essence of Money
The $10,000 Vacation

With Poindexter, Rock and Prof.:
The Haunted House
The Professor's Ancestor? The Wizard!
(Both part of the famous Felix Middle ages story arc, with Felix in the Medi-eval Ages, Magic APples and Prof.& Sir Rock, all three in English)

With Rockbottom only (others with him only like his debut, DETECTIVE THINKING HAT, already are in English)
Rock Bottom's Brother Pebble Bottom

With the Professor only:
Mechanical Felix
Instant Grower*

With Felix only:
The Sea Monster and Felix (with a goofy, Disney's GOofy like Sea Monster-guess it figures with Felix sounding like his successor Mickey Mouse!)*
Cleaning House (though a small part is in English)*
Felix and the Beanstalk

*HEAVILY truncated to 2 or 3 minutes!

Are these uploaded to an official Felix channel on youtube or are these just random uploads?
Pokey J.Anti-Blockhead
On various ones...many different channells. There is a Felix official, but not all the cartoons of the 1959-1961 show are there, as I said.