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I've can recall very few dreams, but this one just takes the cake:

Somewhere in 2015, I dream I was on some Looney Tunes blog (the blog owner seemed to be fine with uploading ACTUAL Looney Tunes shorts on the site, it's basically impossible to upload actual videos via Blogger or Wordpress), I went on the "request" page and suggested him to do Quacker Tracker and Speedy Ghost To Town (I owned the old Complete Illustrated Guide book, so the later short was mentioned due to the poster being included and the former because of the Video Show tapes). When he posted them, I went to one of the short's pages and commented the nonsense word "boof". I went back to the main page, and saw a few (possibly)fanfics by the blog owner. I can recall one of them saying "The Fly" (a Bugs/Daffy story) and it ended with "And then he hit the fly." Then my dream ended.