Release Date: April 1, 2000
Direction: Aaron Springer (story), Fred Miller (animation), Derek Drymon (creative)
Story: Aaron Springer, Erik Wiese, Merriwether Williams
Animation: Rough Draft Studios, Korea
Voices: Tom Kenny (SpongeBob, Gary, incidental fish), Rodger Bumpass (Squidward), Clancy Brown (Mr. Krabs), Bill Faggrbakke (Patrick), Carolyn Lawrence (Sandy), Doug Lawrence (Larry), Dee Baker (SpongeBob's tongue, incidental fish), Siena Irwin (incidental fish)
Music: Dick Walter, Gregor Narholz, Chelmsford Folk Band, Jan Rap, Richard Myhill, Paddy Kingsland, Stefan Maciejewski, Ivor Slaney, David Hewson, Dennis Farnon, Kapono Beamer (stock from Associated Production Music), Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield
Music Editor: Nick Carr
SFX Designer and Editor: Jeff Hutchins

Since today's April Fool's Day, what better cartoon to discuss this month than an April Fool's themed episode of SpongeBob? Anyway, words kinda fail me sometimes, so I'm just going to list some various parts of this episode I find funny and maybe some other odds 'n' ends:

-"Even the part about the lima beans and the car chase?" Heh-heh.
-Gotta love how each attempt Squidward attempts at sincerely apologizing for his cruelty towards to the yella fella goes awry.
-A rare episode where Squidward's deep-down concern for SB is shown throughout the episode, something we unfortunately don't see anymore in the show.
-SpongeBob's pranks throughout the episode are great. Especially when he makes Gary think the both of them are going to live as peasants and when SpongeBob pranks himself. Yuk yuk!
-that music used when SpongeBob is caught in Squidward's prank- what a wonderfully zany piece.

Won't say anything else, but to discuss away!
"With all respect to the great mousetrap."- Popeye, "The Spinach Overture" (1935)