Warner have just announced new sets in the series of "Peanuts Decade Collections", 9 years since the 1970s Collection Volume 2 came out.

"Fans loved the Happiness Is Peanuts discs... The new-to-DVD specials pleased every fan.. until we stopped and started double-dipping, with new specials coming not-so occansionary. Now, we're taking it to the fans and finally release the remaining specials, collected."

The first two sets, "1980s Collection Volumes 1 and 2" include every Peanuts special produced in the 1980s, some having been released as bonus specials. A Charlie Brown Celebration and What an Adventure will also be included, but It's The Girl In The Red Truck is strangely included despite its nature. The Big Stuffed Dog is set to be one of the extras, complete and uncut.

The third set, "1990s and 2000s Collection" includes every special produced in these decades, including rare DTV specials.

All specials are remastered with new transfers used for new-to-DVD specials.

Bad news? APRIL FOOLS!
This IS an April Fools joke, should be moved by now.
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Bad news? APRIL FOOLS!

I knew it from the start, what company will actually acknowledge their double-dipping habbits?