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Since it hasn't yet been posted about here, in case anyone missed its brief mention in the last Thunderbean Thursday post on Cartoon Research, there's still a little time left to get in on the "Thunderbean Thursday 2018" special set offer that Steve recently announced on the forum, available until December 15: 
Thanks a lot of posting the Zachary! I nearly missed it. I'm subscribed to this forum, but I haven't been getting the notifications. Oh well... I'm glad I stopped by. Sending in my order now.
Just sent my money in too. Hopefully I didn't miss it, since it wasn't quite midnight on the West Coast at the time I'm posting this.
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This set (now called "Thunderbean Thursday 2018-2020") has been made available again on the Thunderbean Shop for a limited time, ending on May 5. 

Also worth mentioning: the special Rainbow Parade fundraiser offer from 2019 is also available again until May 5. This consists of a BD-R of the "raw" print scans of the Cinecolor Rainbow Parades, including head and tail leaders (valuable for historical reference—how often does one have the opportunity to own the "raw" versions of scans used for home video restorations?), an original pencil animation drawing from the final set's animated main menu , and a clipping from a B&W 16mm print of one of the cartoons. 

These seem unlikely to be offered again in the future, so if you missed out on the initial offers, now's your chance!
I wonder why he included Terrytoons' "The Three Bears" (1939) on the Blu-Ray disc as he already had it on one of the special 2015-16 discs.