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5 years ago
Had you seen, heard, or read of this part of the series?

(note: this part of the series was mainly related to animated cartoons)
Lee B
5 years ago
It was okay. Jerry Beck participated and popped up multiple times. I would say that there was probably little to no information that someone who frequents a forum like this wouldn't already know. The truth is, it's an hour show, with commercials about forty minutes of content. It would be pretty tough to delve deeply in a subject like this in such a short time.

As happens with shows like that, half the interviewees aren't really relevant to the's fun to see someone like Keenan Ivory Wayans talk about how much he loves the "rabbit season-duck season" stuff, but you aren't really going to 'learn' anything from soundbites like that, other than that many people love animation.

If you have an opportunity to view a replay, check it out. It's great that they produced an episode of this nature for a comedy documentary series. Like I said, I would be surprised if the people who come to a board like this would learn anything you didn't know before, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't necessarily enjoy it. How often do you get to see interview soundbites from people like Tress MacNeille?

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