It that time again for the Ohio Theatre's Summer Movie Series. Which means it's also time for their Cartoon Capers screenings. Earlier today, they had their first of two screening. Even though these screenings are now digital prints (no film), they are still great to see and usually pack a crowds with many kids attending. These specials show usually consist of cartoon from Warner Bros.' library (mostly those already on DVD/ Blu-Ray). This screening marked a millstone: they had their first black and white Looney Tune to appear in the program. Granted, not everyone like this short that was chosen, I enjoyed it. I should also note that, coincidently, one of the short was also shown at Cinevent last month (in film print form, of course). Anyway, here's the line-up:

Cartoon Capers, June 23rd Screening

Water, Water Every Hare (Warners, 1952)- [bugs2]

The Unexpected Pest (Warners, 1956)- [sylvestr]

There They Go-Go-Go! (Warners, 1956)- [coyote] [road]

The Night Before Christmas (MGM, 1941)- [tom] [jerry]

A Dream Walking (Fleischer, 1934)- [popeye] [olivesmiliehere] [blutosmiliehere]

Kiss Me Cat (Warners, 1953)

King-Size Canary (MGM, 1947)

Show Biz Bugs (Warners, 1957)- [bugs2] [daffy]

Who's Kitten Who? (Warners, 1952)- [sylvestr] [jrsmiliehere] [hippitysmiliehere]

Electric Earthquake (Fleischer, 1942)- [supersmiliehere] [loissmiliehere]

Puttin' on the Dog (MGM, 1944)- [tom] [jerry] [spikesmiliehere]

Porky's Poor Fish (Warners, 1940)- [porky]

No Barking (Warners, 1954)- [claudesmiliehere] [tweety]

Rabbit of Seville (Warners, 1950)- [bugs2] [elmersmiliehere]

Overall, a good show as always. It was also special since it was my mom's birthday so we eat out afterwards. Stay tuned for July's screening.

Today was the 2nd of the Summer Movies Series' Cartoon Caper event and as usual, the theater was more packed that the first day with many kids watching the cartoons. Anyway, here is the line-up (with some Jones classics):

Cartoon Capers, July 21st Screening

Rabbit Hood (Warners, 1949)- [bugs2]

Pigs in a Polka (Warners, 1943)

An Egg Scramble (Warners, 1950)- [porky]

Professor Tom (MGM, 1948)- [tom] [jerry]

Let's You and Him Fight (Fleischer, 1934)- [popeye] [olivesmiliehere] [blutosmiliehere]

Bah, Wilderness (MGM, 1943)- [barney]

Hoppy-Go-Lucky (Warners, 1952)- [sylvestr] [hippitysmiliehere]

Tom Turk and Daffy (Warners, 1944)- [daffy] [porky]

Ant Pasted (Warners, 1953)- [elmersmiliehere]

Volcano (Fleischer, 1942)- [supersmiliehere] [loissmiliehere]

Springtime for Thomas (MGM, 1946)- [tom] [jerry]

Screwball Squirrel (MGM, 1944)- [screwysmiliehere]

Operation: Rabbit (Warners, 1952)- [coyote] [bugs2]

Duck Amuck (Warners, 1953)- [daffy] [bugs2]

Overall, a great turn out. Can't wait for next year.

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