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Today, Warner Bros. released an announcement that for their third season of "New Looney Tunes," more new characters will be added to the show! These are not "new" characters to the franchise, but they will be new to the series. The third season is going to include appearances from Buddy, Sylvester Jr., Cool Cat and Colonel Rimfire, Merlin the Magic Mouse and Second Banana, and Bunny and Claude! An episode is planned where Bugs Bunny tries to stop Bunny and Claude from stealing carrots everywhere, making for a historic non-comic crossover in Looney Tunes history! Out of all these new characters, Buddy will be making the most appearances, and will be voiced by Jim Cummings, whom is also going to voice Cool Cat. J.P. Karliak will be voicing Colonel Rimfire, Merlin the Magic Mouse and Second Banana, Grey DeLisle-Griffin will be voicing Bunny, Jeff Bergman will be voicing Claude and their Sheriff adversary, and Dee Bradley Baker will be voicing Sylvester Jr.
Sam Register has said, "We are so proud to bring new life into these long-overlooked Looney Tunes characters. If it goes well, we'll start including them in any new 'Looney Tunes' productions more and more!"
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I guess Buddy will be drawn in full black and white, and every appearance of the character will consist of him getting used to the "full-color life", with the help of the other "Technicolor" Looney Tunes stars.

And at the end of every episode, whatever it will happen, Buddy will still think that the early days of black and white cartoons were all far better and smoother, much to the shock of the other characters. =p~