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"The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2 will be an historic collector edition comprised of at least 25 more digitally restored Puppetoons in 2K High Defintion; color corrected from 35mm nitrate IB Technicolor prints** ~ many never seen or released before!

Academy Award winning genius George Pal created a series of stop motion animated shorts in the 1930's and 1940's which he labeled Puppetoons. Brilliant even by today's standards, they must be seen to be believed!

Your invaluable contribution will make it possible to preserve the legacy of these timeless works before the original prints are lost forever due to the ravages of time. "

Pretty steep pre-order price/fundraiser donation but with the tantalizing contents list and knowing Arnold Leibovit, Jerry Beck and several archives are on-board, this should be worth every cent.
Gasmask Ted
I have concerns; this is set up as crowd funding but without the strictures of crowdfunding (i.e., you give money, but there's no requirement that anything is provided, and your money is taken, even if there's nowhere near enough to reach completion, specifically a disc won't be authoried until 350 people have "donated" $110 each). I may pay since I'd like to see the cartoons restored, but this is a nightmare set up for absolutely no accountability.
The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2 crowd funder is making some progress. We continue to move forward so this important preservation becomes a reality. So far funds have been raised to start color correction and restoration for 15-20 subjects. We have also received an offer of help with the Blu-ray DVD authoring when we are ready. A 501C3 has also been offered for a full tax deduction for larger donations.

Details/Donate here:
Contact: director@scifistation.com

Facebook support/contributor group page (open to join ) has been created where 2K sample scans, progress, photos are being posted for some of the discovered Puppetoons to be included in the set. Many have not been in seen in over 85 years and some never seen before. The majority are from 35mm Nitrate Technicolor prints.


Details/Donate here:
Contact: director@scifistation.com

With gratitude
Arnold Leibovit